Five Exciting Ways To Transform A Spare Room In Your Home

Five Exciting Ways To Transform A Spare Room In Your Home

Everyone has a passion, even if it’s just a desire to do something, anything, with the spare room in your home. Maybe you’ve just moved into a property and don’t need the space, or it could be a room full of clutter and needs clearing out. A spare room is not an obstacle; it’s a wonderful possibility to indulge your passions, ideas, and creative imagination and turn that extra room into a magical space.  

A Home Studio

If you’re an artist, you’ve probably already considered your spare room’s possibilities, if you haven’t already converted it. There is no better opportunity for artists or creative types to set themselves up in a dedicated space with their specialized equipment. Bring in an easel, set up your digital space, or build some shelves for your synthesizers. In some cases, the room will need to be modified by an electrician to meet certain safety standards that won’t cause any serious issues. 

Home Office 

The office no longer needs to be at the end of a long commute. Following the global pandemic, more and more people will be working from home, meaning that houses will start to become crowded working places. A spare room is an excellent opportunity to build a home office where someone can work freely and quietly. It’s ok to get creative with style: why not give it a theme such as Zen, or Skittles.   




If you don’t have a passion you want to pursue in your spare room, don’t let it lay empty. Consider it a small business and set it up for guests visiting your town. Outfit your room with comfortable bedding, neutral colors – or not, if you want to make a particular impression – towels, toiletries, and toilet paper. Don’t forget the wifi password. Opening an AirBnB guest room can be an exciting way to meet new people and learn more about your town as well as other places.  

A Room Of Books

Are you a book lover? If you are, then you probably have tons of books and nowhere to put them. Maybe they’re stacked in boxes in the garage. A spare room offers you the chance to create your very own private library. Line the walls with bookshelves and stack them full of your favorite books. It can also be an excellent chance to discover what your favorite books are when deciding which ones to include. Don’t forget to put a comfy chair in the corner, such as a wingback armchair: you will spend many hours sitting in it.   

An Indoor Garden 

Some people have spare rooms but no gardens, like those who live in apartments. Others have a garden and an extra room but no opportunity to use the garden in the winter. It’s possible to create an indoor garden in your spare room. Buy shelves to stack pots on and install the appropriate lighting for cultivating baby plants in the low-light of winter and early spring. Your indoor garden could produce many fruits and vegetables that you would typically have to buy at the shops.

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