Eight Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cosy

Eight Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cosy

A lot of us struggle with the Winter blues. The cold weather and darker evenings can make you feel very low, but a nice, cosy home can help you to feel better when the winter sets in. You can take inspiration from the Danish concept of hygge, which means making things cosy and comfortable. Here are some of the best ideas for making the cosiest home you can. 

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  1. Add more lights. One of the things that make people feel worse in the winter is the dark evenings. Bring more light into your home to make you feel a little brighter. Add lamps to your rooms, or light candles, for cosy, relaxing light. 
  2. Stay warm. You can’t be cosy if the house is cold. Underfloor heating, available at Coldbuster, is a great way to keep the house warm (and is especially nice under your feet on cold mornings!). Add some blankets to your sofa so you can wrap up if you feel chilly, and treat yourself to warm slippers or socks to wear around the house to prevent cold feet. 
  3. Lay rugs. Rugs are a great way to add soft layers underfoot. You can lay them on any kind of floor covering, even if you already have carpet. The extra textures and softness add to a feeling of cosiness in the house. 
  4. Pile up the soft furnishings. Soft textures are instantly cosier. Go wild with the soft furnishings, like throws, blankets, and cushions. Pile them on your bed, sofa, and chairs. Soft furnishings look great, bring more texture to your decor, and can be used to add a pop of warm colour too. They’re also great for snuggling in when you’re cold in the evenings. 
  5. Bring in cosy scents. The power of scent is often overlooked when people are focussing on cosiness, but it can really add something. Scented candles, room diffusers, or incense are an easy way to bring scent into a room. Woody aromas often work best for cosy vibes, or you could choose a more exotic scent that makes you think of warmer climates. Another good option is scents you associate with winter, like warm spices, or gingerbread. 
  6. Choose warm colours. A cool colour palette looks modern, but might not make your home feel very cosy. Instead, bring in warmer colours to make things feel a little cosier. If you usually prefer cool colours, you don’t have to redecorate but bring in some accents, like your soft furnishings, in warmer tones, like reds or oranges. 
  7. Bring in the outdoors with plants and flowers. If you find you’re missing being able to get outside, then bring some of nature inside instead. Cut flowers or plants growing in pots can help you to feel much better, and add some much-needed greenery to your home. 
  8. Wear cosy clothing. Treat yourself to some snuggly pieces of clothing to wear at home. Sheepskin slippers, knit jumpers, or chunky socks are all great loungewear that will make you feel snug and comfortable when you’re relaxing at home.
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