Fletter – Think Fast, Act Faster

Fletter - Think Fast, Act Faster

Sometimes I really struggle to drag my children away from their electronic devices.  If their tablets and phones would cook their dinner and do their washing, I’m not sure they’d notice the absence of parents at all.  Okay, I may be exaggerating, but don’t you ever feel that way about your children?  Fletter is the perfect excuse to tear them away from the gadgets.


What Is Fletter?

Fletter is a family word game suitable for people aged 8 and up.  It’s recommended for between 2-4 players (though there were five of us when we first played). Imagine scrabble, imagine snap, imagine a word search, now combine all these together and you have Fletter. The rules are fairly straightforward and you can easily alter them to suit the age group of players.


Setting Up

Mr Lovely divided the cards up equally between the five of us and away we went.  The first round started with us having to make a three-letter word using the cards put down on the table. Having a varied age group of children, some interesting guesses were shouted out. Before long, we were on to round two, four-letter words.  Again, the room erupted with laughter over some of the guesses. This was pretty much the pattern right through until we were onto the seven- letter words which we decided was a little too much for the younger ones.


The Game That Keeps Going

One of the things I like about Fletter is that this game can be played so many different ways.  Thankfully it’s fast-paced for anyone with a short attention span.  Another great thing, it that it encourages children to spell.  The English language is really important to me and I want my children to be literate.  This game definitely helps them learn new words and to extend their current vocabulary.  So much fun can be had playing Fletter.  This game is equally entertaining to the adults and I can see this game being great fun amongst friends on a Saturday night. The opportunities for this game seem endless.

card games - Fletter


Is It Worth It?

Over the years we, as a family, have purchased numerous board games and packs of playing cards, spending no doubt hundreds of pounds when in fact, all we needed was to buy a pack of Fletter at £7.99.  £7.99 for a game that can be enjoyed by both adults and children, can be played in multiple ways, utilising the brain and ensuring great family social interaction.   It’s the perfect travelling companion because the cards don’t take up much space.  Great for airport waits and long journeys.  I’m sold and it’s a game I highly recommend!  We’ve played the game many times since we got it.

You can purchase Fletter for yourself here.  Quick!  It’s almost the Easter holidays and the children will need entertainment!  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely


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