Helping Your Child Have More Confidence


I think we can all agree that confidence is an important trait that helps us throughout life. For instance, if we have a job interview, we need the confidence to help us prove to our prospective employer that we’re good enough for the role. When meeting new people in a social situation, we need the confidence to help us communicate with others and make friends. Confidence is also important for our children because they are faced with new experiences and challenges every day that they have to overcome. That’s why I have teamed up with a co-educational school in Somerset to offer parents some tips on how to help their child become more confident.



Firstly, it’s important to let them have some independence. If they feel like they have you to fall back on when it comes to making decisions or behaving in a certain way, they will never gain the confidence to stand on their own two feet. It can be tough for parents to watch their children become increasingly more independent, but it’s absolutely crucial. When it comes to choosing childcare, try to find a setting which best supports their curious nature and provides them with the opportunities to explore the world around them. For parents in Australia, this is made easier through child care finding service Toddle where you can search nearby, compare centres and create a shortlist. When helping your child with their homework, try not to fall into the trap of taking over and doing it on their behalf. Instead, simply point them in the right direction and praise them when they reach the right answer. When they have a playdate, let them have some space to play freely and communicate with their friend without your supervision.


Small Tasks

children learning confidence

You could also try giving your child small, achievable tasks to complete each day, like setting the table or taking the dog for a walk. The aim here is to make your child feel responsible and in charge, giving them the confidence they need to take on more challenging tasks in the future. What’s more, the praise they receive when successfully completing a task will allow them to feel accomplished and self-assured. Try and avoid praising your child when they don’t necessarily deserve it, though, as this will dilute the meaning.


New Skills

Another way to ensure your child grows up to be a confident individual is to ensure they experience lots of new things on a regular basis. This will help them learn that they are capable of anything they set their mind to, making the world feel less daunting. Perhaps you could suggest that they join some extra-curricular clubs where they will learn new skills and meet new people, inevitably helping them become more confident. Don’t be afraid to contact your child’s school if you would like some more advice on how to help your child become more confident. If you make the teachers aware of your concerns, they will be able to help you reach a common goal.

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