Fun Springtime Dates To Do With Your Partner

Fun Springtime Dates To Do With Your Partner

The sun is out, the weather is warm, and we can finally put our heavy coats in the back of the closet. It’s springtime! You and your partner deserve a day of leisure and enjoyment. It’s time to refresh your dates and leave the space heater behind. Instead, spend time outdoors picking up a new hobby or trying delicious foods.

If you’re looking for your next date idea, read on for four fun springtime dates to do with your partner.

Go to a Winery

You can’t go wrong when visiting a winery. This is the perfect season because it’s not too hot or cold, so enjoying the vineyards is pleasant. Sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine while learning the history of your local winery. Try different wines, enjoy the atmosphere, and live in the moment together.

Plan a Picnic

The perfect springtime date to do with your partner is to have a picnic. When the weather starts warming up, you’ll see people outside at the park studying, relaxing, or walking. The atmosphere of everyone soaking up the sun and enjoying their day sets the vibe for the picnic. Bring delicious spring comfort foods, such as Tzatziki chicken or lime shrimp. Accompany them with refreshing drinks.

Play Some Tennis

Thanks to daylight savings, we have an extra hour of sunshine. You and your partner should take advantage of the sun and go outside. Playing tennis can be great for couples whose goal is to improve their wellness routines.

Tennis is a great way to challenge each other, cheer each other on, and learn together. This sport is all about living in the moment and setting goals. It allows passion and true interaction to shine forth. Playing tennis is also a great way to build muscle and endurance.

Meet for Rooftop Views and Drinks

Ah, you feel that? It’s time for rooftop views and cocktails (or mocktails). Sometimes, at the end of the week, you need a moment to refresh and spend time with your favorite person. Enjoy a good conversation with a stunning view. Feel the warm breeze and watch the sunset before heading in for the night. This is a great way to spend quality time with your partner that doesn’t require much planning.

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