The Top Flowers That Thrive in the Atlanta Region

The Top Flowers That Thrive in the Atlanta Region

Not every flower can withstand Atlanta, Georgia’s hot and humid summer climate. That doesn’t mean homeowners should give up. Plenty of beautiful floral options exist that love the heat and high moisture levels. Consider these top flowers that thrive in the Atlanta region.


Begonias bloom pink and sometimes white flowers that grow well in shaded areas. The flowers are incredibly fragrant and beautiful to look at. You’ll love landscaping your yard with Begonias and admiring them while you sip your coffee on your back porch in the morning. The blooms attract different pollinators, including hummingbirds and butterflies.

These flowers appreciate moist soil and will bloom from fall until summer. They are a pleasant sight, but be careful if you have pets because Begonias are toxic to some.

Pro Begonia Watering Tip

Don’t allow the soil to dry out between watering sessions.


Petunias come in various colors, including purple, white, pink, and red. They’ll perk up your flower bed from spring to fall. Ensure you plant the petunias in full sun because they LOVE the sunshine. Only plant them when you’re sure Atlanta’s temperatures won’t dip below freezing. Petunias are incredibly heat tolerant, making them an ideal flower to have in hot and humid conditions.

Common Yarrow

Do you love daisies but are looking for something different? Plant the adorable Common Yarrow in your yard. This amazing wildflower is great for ground covering and loves well-draining, moist soil. You’ll enjoy blooms from mid-to-late summer. Be careful because Common Yarrow is toxic to cats, horses, and dogs. You’ll find this flower in various colors, such as red, white, and pink.


These short-lived perennials prefer full sun and have a long bloom period so that you can appreciate the flowers longer. Hollyhocks attract songbirds, hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. The funnel-shaped flowers come in various colors, like red, yellow, and lavender.

This list of flowers that thrive in the Atlanta region will help you add some new buds to your garden. You can trust that they’ll thrive in the hot and humid climate. After you’ve freshened up the flower garden, invest in a customized lawn care program to care for your entire property. The professionals will have your yard looking vibrant and healthy all year.

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