Garden Landscaping For A Space That Will Bloom Forever

Garden Landscaping For A Space That Will Bloom Forever

Garden Landscaping That Will Bloom Forever

The right time for conceptual landscaping design of the garden is at the home design stage, but sometimes the time comes later when you decide that you wish to upgrade your garden for the better. You can look at Oakleigh Manor for further inspiration. The environmental development planning should be an integral part of the design of the house also. 

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Planning, planning and planning again

There is no substitute for quality garden planning. Planning is the foundation, and from it, one begins. We all come to the nursery and fall in love with this or that plant, but it is a mistake to choose such plants and a mistake to design a garden that way. Every plant should have its place and the correct backdrop for every choice you make. Where you place your furniture, where you have a lawn, what fences or hedges you want and if you want removal of any trees or bushes that no longer serve you. Each garden should have its own particular character. Especially in small gardens, you need to decide in advance on the design and go with it in the whole garden: an official or natural design line? Pastel colours or primary colours? Do you want to add a veg or herb garden to make the space more functional? Choose well, and it will serve you well. 

A low maintenance garden design – is it worth it?

There are people, for whom a garden with a lot of landscaping maintenance is very suitable. On the other hand, a garden with a low level of maintenance is best for some. This is achieved by choosing garden plants that are resistant and insensitive to pests and diseases, whose growth rate is not too fast, that is suitable for climate and amount of sun, not too crowded, and think carefully about each item. In a properly planned garden, there is no need to spray and exterminate pests, there is no need to prune shrubs and riotous trees frequently, there is no need to replace a significant portion of the plants in the garden each season. The garden should tend to itself and rely only on mowing lawns, trimming hedges and sweeping up. 

A water-efficient garden?

A garden that combines grass, trees, shrubs, roses and a seasonal flower bed usually needs about 600 cubic meters of water per year per hectare. This is the recommended amount for maintaining established plants in a state of intensive growth by the professionals. You can go about this by learning the logistics and science behind how to maintain an efficient garden. Distribution according to the nature of vegetation (trees, young trees, shrubs, perennial herbaceous, seasonal), conversion to an economical garden, reduction of lawns, selection of suitable vegetation, soil cover – organic and inorganic, efficient irrigation according to plant needs, operating board for irrigation, adequate maintenance. A beautiful garden doesn’t have to be so difficult, but with good design at the core, the garden will last for years to come, with beauty and ease. In addition, homeowners can use irrigation controllers such as the Hunter Pro-C controller to adjust the schedule, frequency, and duration of watering of their sprinkler systems. This helps save water, time, and energy and ensures that every corner of the garden is watered properly.

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