Give Your Kitchen A Rustic Feel With These 10 Décor Ideas

Give Your Kitchen A Rustic Feel With These 10 Décor Ideas

Want to give your kitchen that country farmhouse feel? Whether you own a country home yourself or simply want to give your urban home an earthier touch, these 10 décor ideas are certain to do the trick when remodelling your home to feel more rustic.

Use Natural Countertops

wooden kitchen surfaces

When choosing rustic countertops, look for a material that feels natural and rugged. Reclaimed wood can be great for adding that farmhouse feel. These can often have a rough and rustic appearance, although you may want to steer clear of composite woods that may feel too manufactured. Natural timbers like oak, mahogany and black walnut are some of the most popular and prized. Ideally, you should laminate this wood to keep it resistant to scratches and stains – the wood’s rough texture will still be visible. Stone countertops can also achieve the desired look, although these are generally more expensive. The likes of marble are popular for their veined effect and provide a great surface for kneading dough on, however, it can stain and chip easily if not regularly sealed. Jerusalem stone and granite are much more robust whilst still having that rustic feel.

Try The Washed Paint Effect On Cabinets

To keep your cabinets looking truly rustic, you’re best off not adding any paint. However, if you’re eager for a hint of colour you could try using the wash effect. This effect is best achieved by mixing paint with water and applying with a thick brush. The colour will be there but will be faded, allowing the texture of the wood to still show through. You may be able to buy cabinets that have already had this paint effect applied, although it’s generally an easy job to DIY.

Create A Feature Exposed Wall

Stripping a wall back to the bare bricks can be great for adding that rustic feel. This can be a messy job and you have no way of knowing what state the wall will be in when you strip it back, so bear this in mind. You can cheat this look by buying brick slips from companies like Matclad that give a wall the illusion that it’s exposed without having to actually strip away at the plaster. Sealing the wall afterwards will make it more durable and easy to clean – there are special terracotta sealants out there that can do this.

Hang Edison Bulbs From Beams

If your kitchen has beams on the ceiling, why not get creative with your lighting and opt for some old-fashioned Edison-style incandescent bulbs. These can be wrapped around the beams and left to hang for a stylish look. These are now LED Edison bulbs as available from The Vintage Light Bulb Company that can provide the energy efficiency of modern light bulbs whilst still adding that vintage look.

Store Countertop Clutter In Mason Jars

Mason jars make great containers for placing tools in such as wooden spoons, spatulas and tongs. Their repurposed use gives them a rustic feel. They can even be used to store foods – most people use jars for sugar, coffee and teabags, but you could also use them for storing cereal, pasta and rice giving the impression of a traditional kitchen before branded foods became popular. You can buy mason jars in many home stores.

Consider Wine Barrel Furniture

For a more dramatic repurposed feature, you could even consider using wine barrels as furniture. These could be used to prop up a breakfast table or as chairs. Companies like American Country Home Store sell this repurposed wine barrel furniture. Alternatively, if you’re a dab hand at DIY and have a wine barrel spare, you may be able to build your own. Wine-lovers could also consider repurposing memorable bottles as vases or making decorative displays out of corks.

Grow Kitchen Houseplants In Tin Buckets

A few kitchen houseplants can help to bring an outdoorsy feel to your kitchen. These could be decorative plants or they could foody plants to help with cooking such herbs and spices. For a rustic touch, why not try foregoing standard plant plots in exchange for a tin bucket. This could serve as an extra charming feature in your kitchen. You could even consider growing plants in other repurposed containers such as mason jars, teapots, wine bottles and watering cans.

hessian curtains

Try Sackcloth Curtains

Sackcloth curtains are another example of repurposing that can look fantastic in a rustic kitchen. You can easily make your sackcloth curtains by recycling a burlap sack and doing a bit of cutting and sewing. You could even dye the burlap material to add a touch of colour whilst keeping the rugged sackcloth texture. There are also premade burlap curtains out there on the market.

Wood Panel Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators can bring an out-of-place modern feel to a rustic kitchen. You can still enjoy the luxury of a modern refrigerator whilst keeping a farmhouse feel by disguising your refrigerator with wood panels to make it look a large cupboard. You can buy pre-panelled refrigerators online, however, you may wish to panel this yourself to match the rest of the wood textures in your kitchen.

Use Hooks To Hang Mugs And Pans

Traditional farmhouse kitchens often make use of bare walls by placing hooks for hanging objects from. These could be mugs or pans or any other item that benefits from easy access. Hooks could even be an excuse to hang ornamental crockery or antique pans. Stainless steel S hooks are the most popular type although you may be able to find your own repurposed hooks.

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