3 Simple Ways To Ease Chronic Pain

If you have a constant niggle, ache or throb that is getting worse rather than going away, you may be entering chronic pain territory. The major problem with chronic pain is that if you venture to your doctor to explain the sore back, the aching knee or the cramping muscles, you are met with no solution to your problem. While painkillers can help, you may find yourself needing a greater dose over time to achieve the same pain-relieving effect. Instead, doctors will describe your condition as chronic. Because the pain you feel is not life threatening doesn’t mean it can’t still have a hugely debilitating impact on your life. When you can’t function in the same way or if you dread waking up in the morning with the same niggling ache, you need to be proactive in hunting for a way to ease your pain.



It may sound counterintuitive but doing some gentle exercise can actually restore some movement to a painful or sore joint. Although those first few tentative steps may be acutely painful, going for a relaxing stroll can be beneficial. Suffering from constant pain can result in a low mood setting in. This means you become less sociable, you stay indoors a lot more, and you resign yourself to the fact that you are stuck within your four walls. This isn’t true and, although it takes supreme willpower, you can venture outside, feel the fresh, clean air in your lungs and become mobile once again. While you may not be running a marathon anytime soon, performing some gentle exercises, taking a jaunt outdoors and meeting up with friends can lift your mood and relieve some of your pain.



Often we suffer pain because we are deficient in a mineral or vitamin. You could choose to undergo a blood test at your local doctor’s surgery to test for deficiencies, or you could choose to investigate your symptoms yourself. If you suffer from sore joints or tenderness in your lower back, you may be in need of a Vitamin D boost. This vitamin is essential for maintaining blood calcium levels. If you don’t have enough, your bones can become brittle or painful. By adding this supplement to your diet every day and spending some much needed time in the sun, you may find your pain lessening. Other people are choosing to explore opportunities to purchase cannabis oil for sale and exploit the much publicised therapeutic properties.


Eat More Curry

Although it sounds a little silly, eating more food such as spicy curries and rich stews with the addition of turmeric could help ease your pain. The high concentration of curcumin found in turmeric has been shown to have exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. This may mean relying a lot less on the man-made painkillers and more on the kormas and tikka masalas to banish the niggles and soreness.

Suffering from a pain that is chronic means there is little respite from the constant aches or tenderness. However, if you are proactive you may be able to find a solution that means your pain, although not banished forever, can be lessened to allow you to enjoy life once again.  Please note, this is a collaborated post.  I hope it helps.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely


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