Helpful Tips for Supporting Your Senior Dog

Helpful Tips for Supporting Your Senior Dog

Getting older is an inevitable part of our lives; it goes the same way with dogs. As dogs age, their energy levels decrease, their bodies change, and they become calmer and more laid-back. Use these helpful tips for supporting your senior dog to enrich their lives during their golden years.

Mind-Engaging Games and Toys

While your dog’s energy levels aren’t what they used to be, keeping your dog happy with engaging activities is essential. You can purchase fun, interactive dog toys that engage their brains through problem-solving.

Mentally-stimulating toys can help prevent age-related cognitive issues such as cognitive dysfunction syndrome. You can also use dog toys that can help promote physical activity, such as puzzle toys and homemade snuffle mats, to work their noses and their brains.

Diet Adjustments

A senior dog’s diet is a crucial part of their health. Older dogs are more prone to developing obesity due to decreased activity levels. It’s vital to adjust them to a senior dog food formula to help prevent weight gain. Because senior dog foods have fewer calories and are lower in fat, they can help complement your pooch’s changing nutritional needs.

Exercise and Mobility Assistance

While it’s normal for senior dogs to slow down, one helpful tip to support your senior dog’s physical activity is to continue to exercise your pooch. You can also speak to your vet about various exercise programs and activities that support your pooch’s health and suit their limitations.

Furthermore, if you have a dog with mobility issues, paralysis, or joint discomfort, investing in dog mobility equipment can help make their life easier. You can choose a dog lift harness for the front, back, or full-body mobility support to help improve your senior dog’s quality of life.

Household and Travel Accommodations

As dogs age, it becomes more difficult for them to get comfortable or move around, especially if they live with aching joints, blindness, and general confusion. So, adjusting your space to suit their lifestyles and habits can help make life less troublesome and stressful for their bodies.

Installing dog ramps, dog-proof gates, and easy home navigation tools can help your senior dog feel more at peace and protected from harm. Furthermore, if your dog loves car rides, installing comfortable seating and orthopedic bedding can make car rides more enjoyable.

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