How To Change Your Career After Starting a Family

How To Change Your Career After Starting a Family

Did you take time off from work in order to have a family and now can’t think of anything worse than going back to your old job? The time off might have been given you the time to think about what you really want to do. But how can you change your career after starting a family?

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Seek Advice From Outside Your Circle

Getting advice on a new career can be hard when everyone is used to you working in a particular role. Branch out, and look for advice from outside of your usual circle. Broadening your circle can help you to find the motivation to make the change, but will also check your ego. You might be top of your game in your current role, but in your new path, you’re a newbie. You will need to start from scratch and learn new skills. It can be hard to admit this, but when you do, learning will become more rewarding than the job you hate. You can pick up these new skills with courses, either online or in-person, through services like Careskills Academy

Start With A Side Gig

Knowledge is power, and the more you can learn about a new career before you commit to it, the more likely it is that you will succeed when you make the leap. The best way to do this to keep your old job, and try the new career as a side gig at first. You can learn from this side gig, and gauge your potential. No matter what field you’re entering, this trial period will let you gain traction when it comes to creating a new professional network as well as a new workflow for your family. Don’t feel guilty about being busier either. Seeing you pursue your dreams will encourage your kids to do the same in their future careers

Have Prospects And Money Saved Before You Quit

As rewarding as a big career change can be, you will still need to have some prospects in place before you leave your existing job. One of the big worries for parents is their responsibility to provide for the needs of the family. When a parent is considering a change of career, resources and limitations are at the top of the list. Without prospects, your resources are a lot less secure. 

One of the most rewarding parts of making a career change can be knowing that the hard work you’re putting in is being witnessed by your children. You can use the opportunity to have conversations about freelancing over salaried jobs, career satisfaction, and budgeting. Your children will learn alongside you about how a family can create the money they need to live the life they want. 

It’s a good idea to have a few months of salary in your savings at any time anyway, in case of emergency, but this is especially important if you’re about to make a big job change. Including your children in the money conversations during this change can be more useful to them than you might expect.

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