How to Design and Create an English Country Garden

How to Design and Create an English Country Garden

Stepping into a traditional English country garden instantly transports you into a world of delicate flowers, beautiful scents and classic furniture that embodies England perfectly. From the quaint surroundings to the soft detailing of the garden bench, there’s something calming and inviting about an English country garden. For many, the English country garden is a style that is both timeless and effortless, and incorporating this style into your garden will instantly add character to the space.

Create Special Moments

Just like in the movies, when you think of a traditional English country garden you can picture beautiful settings for those special moments. One of the most popular features for a country style garden are arches and arbours. By introducing an arch into your garden, you can instantly create a unique look that will suit the English theme perfectly. From wooden frames to steel designs, you can find the right look for your garden and create a beautiful focal point. You can find a wide selection of arches and arbours from Two Wests, which are ideal for adding a little mystery to any garden. To enhance the English country garden theme, adding roses, honeysuckle and other popular climbers will dress the arches and arbours, bringing fragrance and a romantic touch to your garden.


Introduce a Vegetable Patch

Having access to a selection of freshly grown vegetables to add to your cooking is a huge benefit and something that is extremely popular within English country gardens. Choose an area within your garden to dedicate your vegetable patch to, preferably somewhere that will receive a substantial flow of sunlight throughout the day. There are some great guides available online to help guide you through the vegetable planting process, informing you of which vegetables are best to grow through certain seasons.

viburnum bush

Play with Shapes

One of the most identifiable features of an English country garden is shaped bushes. From the traditional ‘box balls’ to triangles, by shaping the bushes and hedges in your garden you will instantly create that traditional English look. Not only will this add a huge burst of character to your outdoor area, but it will also help to edge certain areas, such as the lawn or vegetable patch, to create a neat, symmetrical appearance.

Similarly, the edging on your lawn can be cut to the finest line, as this will help to make a statement of the shape of your lawn and bring that area to life. There’s nothing appealing about an overgrown lawn, so it’s always worth going around the outskirts to ensure it’s as neat and tidy as possible, resulting in the best appearance! You can see my other home and garden related posts here.

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