How To Improve Your Solar Panels’ Efficiency and Output

How To Improve Your Solar Panels’ Efficiency and Output

There are several factors that play into how effective a solar panel is in producing energy. So if you have solar panels that aren’t producing as much as you would like, there are ways you can improve. With the advice below, you can improve your solar panels’ efficiency and output.

Clean Your Panels From Time to Time

Maintaining and cleaning your solar panels is actually very easy. The only housekeeping you need to do is wipe and clean away dust and debris that could be blocking sunlight from contacting the surface. If the area you live in receives a decent amount of rainfall, you won’t need to clean your panels as often. However, inspecting them from time to time is the best practice to ensure no debris is inhibiting the panels’ efficiency.

Place Them in the Correct Location

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is placing your solar panels in the wrong location on your property. Location impacts solar benefits, so you want to place your solar panels in an area where they will receive maximum sunlight. For example, if you place the panels in a heavily shaded area of your yard or roof, they cannot produce as much energy as they would sitting in direct sunlight.

Consider a Backup Battery

Whether at night or during a stormy or overcast day, the lack of sunlight can prevent your solar panels from producing energy, which might lead to the power going out. To avoid this, get a backup battery so you can continue using your solar panels when there is little to no sunlight. These batteries store the power the panels produce for later use.

Use a Solar Power Concentrator

A great way to improve your solar panel’s efficiency and output is to use a solar power concentrator. This device utilizes mirrors and lenses to direct more sunlight to a receiver. This will optimize the amount of sun your panels receive.

If you do not place, maintain, or supplement your solar panels properly, you won’t experience maximum output and efficiency. Use the above advice to maximize your solar panels’ capabilities.

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