How to Regain Your Lost Identity after Childbirth?

How to Regain Your Lost Identity after Childbirth?

Many women feel an intense loss of self after childbirth for the first time. This loss of identity often comes from the fact that they no longer:

  • Find the time to do the things they love
  • Practice self-care as they usually do
  • Feel as sexy as they did before pregnancy
  • Perceive themselves as a working professional
  • Look as youthful and elegant as they did

new baby

This often leads new mothers to depression. In fact, about 50% of new moms will have the “baby blues,” a feeling of sadness after birth. If you’re currently in this phase, know that it doesn’t mean you are a terrible parent or don’t love your baby. The changes that come with motherhood can take one by surprise.

But you can regain your identity even as a new mum and feel great again as you always did. Are you wondering how? Well, read on to know more:

1. Figure out the good sides of becoming a mum

There possibly will be unpleasant changes, such as postpartum fat. But there are also good sides to becoming a mum. For example, you’re naturally becoming more patient, selfless, and responsible, which are incredible virtues to desire.

If you could focus on these positive changes, you could find that inner strength and confidence to ease into this new life rather than wish for the past.

2. Remember to make self-care a priority

New mothers often exhaust themselves and end up feeling frustrated because they believe part of becoming a mom is developing superhuman strength. But that’s not true. Instead, you need to take a break and make time for self-care.

That involves making time for anything you know is good for your mental and physical health, which may be exercise, yoga, spa, massage, reading a book, a long bath in a hot tub, or a walk in nature.

Self-care helps new moms in feeling rejuvenated and motivated to carry out their motherly duties once more.

3. Reconnect with those who love you

You had friends before pregnancy. You also have a partner with whom you were sexually intimate. You don’t have to let all of that go.

Sometimes it helps to connect emotionally with people who know you pretty well. Whether you’re meeting them via video call or at home, the social connection will really help you find your voice again.

If you’re the only one among your friends with a kid, this may be a great time to build new friendships with other moms and get the proper support you need.

4. Recover your appearance

If you feel you’ve lost your irresistible slender figure due to pregnancy, it’s worthy to note that it’s not gone forever. You can burn up that postpartum fat by going back on track with your workout routine.

Of course, time will be limited now, so it may take a while before you see results. So perhaps you can consider a mommy makeover procedure. For instance, cosmetic procedure insights on mommy makeover by Dr. Leslie Stevens shows that these help moms get rid of postpartum fat, loose abdominal skin, and reshape the breasts to their pre-pregnancy appearance.

How you perceive yourself in the mirror greatly influences your self-image, so if this helps you feel great again, it is wise to go for it!

5. Stop the comparisons

Today, celebrities are fond of posting their happy mother-baby photos and videos on social media. So naturally, you’d be compelled to compare yourself to them and probably feel sad that you’re not meeting up. But remember that they’re possibly having the same feelings as you but are only showing the positive sides online.

And avoid comparing yourself to your past self as well. Things have changed. Not for the worse, but a whole new world of adventure has opened up. Go for it, make new goals, and cherish the journey.

Final words

Parenthood comes with some restrictions – if you always loved clubbing, you may not be able to do as much now. But you’re still allowed to have fun. You’re still allowed to work. Try not to focus on what your life was but how it could be better.

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