My October LoveLula Top Picks


As usual, I’ve chosen a few green beauty picks from LoveLula to share with you.

PHB Ethical Beauty Bare Skin BB Cream +SPF15 – Fair – 30ml

PHB Ethical Beauty Bare Skin BB Cream +SPF15 - Fair - 30ml

This skin-loving BB Cream blurs the lines between makeup and skincare.

I absolutely love BB creams and CC creams.  I love the light coverage they offer so when I saw this on the LoveLula website, I was super excited to try it!

I love the new packaging.  It’s packaged in an eco-friendly glass bottle with a pump-action top, which comes inside the PHB Ethical Beauty signature green box.  This product is handmade with organic ingredients. Not only is the product vegan, but the company is also 100% vegan.  It’s not tested on animals, is alcohol-free and halal certified.  PHB is a family business and 20% of their profits go to charity.  So many reasons to love this great company and their products.

This cream comes in seven shades ranging from “Porcelain” to “Cocoa”.  I chose the shade “Fair”, which is the second lightest.  It seems to match my skin tone well.  It’s unscented and has an SPF of 15.

Bare Skin BB Cream PHB Ethical Beauty Swatch

I’ve found three pumps to be the perfect amount for my face.  I did moisturise before applying this product, as with any foundation/BB Cream/CC Cream.  It didn’t sit in my pores or clog my skin at all.  I’ve applied both with just my fingers and also with a brush and both applications were good.

PHB Bare Skin blurb

I know what we’re all wondering.  How does it compare to the legendary Madara CC and BB Creams?  So, for me, I feel like the Madara has a better skin tone match but that may be because I’ve only tried one shade from the PHB BB Cream range.  Consistency wise, I think the CC Cream by Madara and the BB Cream by PHB is almost identical.  The Madara BB Cream is more fluid and leaves a dewier finish.

Natural Makeup


Boho Eyebrow Pencil Blonde 03

Boho Eyebrow Pencil Blonde 03

My teenager actually chose this pencil as one of my picks.  I hadn’t heard of Boho Green makeup before.  Teens seem to be all about the brows.  However, this is residing in my makeup bag because I love it.  It’s the perfect shade for me and it goes on really nicely and I love the spool on the end.  I think it’s a fantastic price point too at just £7.95!


CHOBS Organic Essence Collagen Mask Pack 25ml – 5pcs in a box

CHOBS Organic Essence Collagen Mask Pack 25ml - 5pcs in a box

These work out to be quite good value for sheet masks.  I’ve tried the CHOBS sheet mask before and really liked it.  I chose this five pack because let’s face it, the teenager is going to want in on it too.  You can leave these on for between 10 – 20 minutes, which I like because I feel like that’s a good amount of time to relax with a facemask on and many of my facemasks are 5 minutes ones.  I can’t say that I’ve noticed any difference after using this, but it was a lovely experience.

CHOBS Organic Essence Collagen Mask Pack 25ml - 5pcs in a box

Thanks for reading about my top picks.  You can see my other green beauty related posts here.

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