Key Details To Consider When Designing a Master Bathroom

Key Details To Consider When Designing a Master Bathroom

Truth be told, upgrading your master bathroom is a venture involving many moving components. From layout planning and lighting to hardware and ventilation, there’s no doubt the renovation process can be overwhelming!

While doing so is a tremendous undertaking, you need to know the key details to consider when designing a master bathroom that can ensure success. Continue reading to discover more!

Key Details To Consider When Designing a Master Bathroom


While there are no rules indicating how large a master bathroom should be, a functional, spacious one can be a sumptuous retreat that accommodates multiple uses from different occupants. Also, assessing your master bathroom’s current size may help you develop a feasible layout while including all vital hardware.

Fortunately, a smaller master bathroom can still have a luxurious feel depending on the fixtures and finishes you select!


Your master bathroom’s layout will provide the foundation necessary to create a functional, intentional space. To determine a successful layout, consider how you’ll use the area.

If you intend to restrict the space to two people, you’ll want to think about putting in double vanities, a shower and bathtub combo, and a private toilet area to promote privacy.

If working with a smaller area, determine whether a bathtub or shower is the right move for the project. Consider your current lifestyle when deciding on hardware and how its placement can facilitate your current routine.


Lighting is another crucial aspect to consider in your bathroom’s final design. If working with a compact space, you should place bulbs and other lights strategically to help make the area appear spacious.

LED strip lighting softly illuminates walls and floors to create a warm glow that replicates natural daylight. You can also incorporate lighting beneath vanities to give the structure the illusion of floating.

When it comes to natural lighting, consider the size of your windows so that you can incorporate them into your design. Larger windows will introduce more sunlight into the space, creating an airy ambiance that exudes luxuriousness.


As with any bathroom design, there will come a point in the planning phase where you’ll need to focus on storage. And with towels and care products to consider, you want to include accessories that enhance the space’s functionality.

For example, there are plenty of advantages to having a double sink vanity, and storage is a vital feature it offers. This vanity includes double the cabinet space, allowing you to store personal care products, towels, and other bathroom essentials easily.

It can also help to install racks and floating shelves on the vanity’s sides, behind doors, and above toilets to further increase storage space.

When designing a master bathroom, you should consider a few key details that can help you save time, funding, and headaches. By implementing smart strategies, you can create a functional space that feels relaxing, luxurious, and intentional.

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