Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  What will you be buying for the woman in your life?  Here are some gorgeous things to give you some ideas.

Mermaid Pink Gin

Mermaid Pink Gin

Not only is this gin absolutely beautiful in its plastic-free bottle, but even the cellulose seal is also biodegradable which makes it a perfect option for the eco-conscious mums around.  It’s also both vegan and gluten-free.

“Aromatic and refreshing, Mermaid Pink Gin infuses the flavour of fresh Isle of Wight strawberries with the smooth yet complex taste of Mermaid Gin, a blend of lemon zest, grains of paradise and fragrant rock samphire. The latter, foraged from the island’s cliffs, is known locally as ‘Mermaid’s Kiss’, hence the gin’s name!

Perfectly balanced, subtle yet vibrant, Mermaid Pink is less sweet than most pink gins and has no added sugar. Distilled using strawberries from the island’s Arreton Valley – a rich and fertile place that receives some of the best sunshine levels in the UK – the gin has a gentle pink hue.

To create it, the strawberries are steeped in the distillery’s signature gin for four days. Then, half is removed to be distilled and eventually added back to the remaining infusion – lending the gin a refreshing and intensely aromatic, strawberry flavour.”

It’s 38% ABV and is available from Marks & Spencers and the IOWD’s website.


Pop Sockets

pop sockets

A lovely idea for a Mother’s Day gift is a beautiful PopSocket.  I have the Genuine Lapis PopSocket and it’s my absolute favourite.  The colour of this one is really stunning and multi-dimensional in colour.  Also, because it’s a semi-precious stone, it has the healing powers of lapis too.


You can swap the top of the PopSocket if you fancy a change, you just give it a twist and pop on another swappable top.  I have a couple of others, as you can see in the above photo.  They all make your phone so much easier to hold and to handle.  You can pop the socket out to its full stretch to use it as a phone stand too, for if you’re watching a movie or something.


Guylain Chocolates

Guylain Chocolate

Show the most important woman in your life how much you care with a box of indulgent Guylian chocolates.  Guylian has a range of chocolates to suit every budget.  Guylian began with the founders combining their names, Guy and Lianne and have been using the same recipe since the started with their marbled seashells.  You can see this delicious chocolate range on their website.

Bath Bomb Factory Geode

So Bomb DIY

This bath bomb DIY kit would be a lovely thing to do with your mum on Mother’s day.  The DIY kit has three easy steps to make the bath bomb; mix, pour and mould.  Who doesn’t want a good excuse to have a relaxing bath?  You can find this product here.




I love this stuff!  It’s amazing!  You can use it for so many things.  It’s the World’s most versatile glue and you can do so much with it!  For example, create jewellery, make custom stamps and upgrade tools.  I’m going to use one from this pack to make a protective sleeve for my laptop charger to prevent it from getting bent.  It’s mouldable, adhesive, flexible and durable.  You can see more about it here.


Whatever you spend your Mother’s Day doing, I wish you all out there a happy day.

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