Turning My Rented House Into My Dream Home

Turning My Rented House Into My Dream Home

Do you ever feel whimsical and imagine the things you would change about your home if you could?  We moved into our house five years ago.  It’s in a really lovely location and I’m lucky to live a couple of doors away from my best friend.  The house itself is a lovely three bedroom house with a large front garden and a lovely size back garden.  If it was mine, there were lots of changes I would make.


The Bathroom

Just before we moved in, our landlord ripped out the original bathroom and installed a lovely bathroom but with a shower and no bath!  I’ll say it again so you fully understand the seriousness of the situation.  They ripped out the bath.  So we have no bath.  Just a shower, a sink and a toilet.  If this was my house, I’d have a wetroom that includes a bath.  A beautiful bath with taps in the middle and claw feet.  I miss having a bath so much!



The Bedroom

I love the way our bedroom is decorated.  It has a very Moroccan vibe with deep saffron yellow and deep purple, a cream draping voile about our bed, natural wood shelves with lots of plants and huge dark wood antique chests of drawers for our clothes.  The only thing that really lets it down is the ugliest carpet known to mankind.  It’s a lovely thick, high-quality carpet, it’s the pattern that causes offence.  Think brown ugly swirling patterns with interspersed beige, ramp up the ugly vision I’ve created in your mind by another 50% and you have our bedroom carpet.


The Lounge

We decorated our lounge last summer and I still like it.  It has a very bohemian and there are lots of interesting things to look at.  I’m not as keen on the rug as I thought I would be, but it does work in our lounge.  Saying that, if I was turning this house into my dream home, I’d have dark wood wooden floors.  We also have a crazy amount of plants (despite my protestations, I admit I do have a LOT of plants – around 70).  At least plant buying is a healthy addiction.

living room little greene


The Kitchen

Another room that lets the property down is the kitchen.  It’s small, which is okay despite us being a big culinary family, but it’s the original.  I think this house was built in the late 70s so it’s structurally okay, but it is ugly.  Definitely not Insta-ready, which is a pain because I do quite a lot of cooking blog posts and Instagram photos.  Also, I’d love gas hobs instead of our halogen ones.



Our landlord was planning to put a conservatory on the back of the house, which would be lovely, giving us a little extra room.  Also, I’d love traditional sash windows to really allow the breeze to flow through during the summer.

sash window

I’d like the garage extended and converted too.  Seems a bit of a waste of space not to expand the house in the space above the garage.  That could be an extra bedroom.


The thing with renting is that there’s no point in paying our money to get the house exactly as we want it because we’d be paying to add value to someone else’s house with no return on the investment.  I think I’d be really well suited in a really old house.  Old houses have more storage and not paper thin walls.  Aah, to dream.  This is a collaborated post.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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