My August 2020 Favourites

Now we’re in September, the children are back to school and summer is drawing to a close.  I thought I’d share with you some favourite things I enjoyed during August 2020.  Here we go.

Books By Jo Watson

Truly, Madly, Like Me by Jo WatsonLove You, Love You Not by Jo Watson I started reading Jo Watson books because one day, whilst I was at my parents’ house, they were sitting reading this book and chuckling away.  We all know I love reading so I knew I had to give this author a read.  I’ve been really enjoying reading her books, they’re laugh out loud funny, warm and personable.  I flew through these two and am now reading a third book of Jo’s.  I’ll share that with you next month!



We recently discovered Blue Coffee Box Subscriptions and have given them a try.  You really can’t beat fresh coffee first thing in the morning (or any other time of day!) and MrLovely is something of a coffee connoisseur.

Blue Coffee Box subscription review

Blue Coffee Box offers handpicked speciality arabica gourmet coffee from 22 countries, selected for your taste preference, freshly hand-roasted in the UK, and delivered in a sleek, letterbox friendly box with origin and tasting notes.  It is a speciality coffee subscription that contains two different coffees in a special blue box. Each month features different UK artisan roasters, along with tasting and origin notes. There is also a lower-priced single bag option.

The lovely people at Blue Coffee Box are very kindly offering a discount to my readers of £3 off any product on the website.  The discount code is LULO3.




We spent a lot of time in Weymouth in August.  My brother lives very close by so we spent time with him and his family.  This was my favourite place to spend time.  A little, quiet beach that has really funny depths.  In one area you can walk out for miles and the seawater doesn’t even reach your waist, then next direction, you’re out of your depth randomly.  To the left of this photo was where we went paddleboarding and played in the water with the dogs.  We even popped over to their sailboat to have a little go.  Perfect summer days.


Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds Season 10

We haven’t been watching much TV lately,  We tend to go through phases of watching it and not.  This is a not much phase.  However, we have been enjoying the odd episode of Criminal Minds.  I think this has come up in my favourites before.  We’re up to season 10 now.  I think there are 15 seasons altogether so we’re making headway.  Criminal Psychology has always fascinated me and these bite-size episodes are really good!  It keeps you on the edge of your seat but is always packed together with the criminal caught in the end.  Perfect.

You can read about my other monthly favourites here.  Thanks for reading my August 2020 favourites.

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