Dafna’s Skincare Detoxify Mask & Exfoliation

Dafna's Skincare Detoxify Mask & Exfoliation


Dafna’s Skincare is a brand I’ve become quite familiar with.  A Spanish owned brand that says NO to grey ingredients and YES to the clean active ingredients.  When I was given the opportunity to try their Detoxify Mask & Exfoliation, I jumped at the chance.  Myself and my daughters adore using face masks.  Here is how we got on with it.


Dafna’s Skincare Detoxify Mask & Exfoliation

Dafna's Skincare Detoxify Mask & Exfoliation review

The mask comes in a dark glass jar that is inside a cardboard box containing the wooden spatula for application and some information about how to apply the mask.


Detoxify offers luxurious rich anti-pollution balm-to-milk mask and renewing exfoliation. The mask helps to reduce the effects of pollution and free radicals (spots, lines, uneven skin look, grey look) on the skin. The delicate scrub removes dead cells and polishes the skin for a velvet touch.

* For all skin types. * Organic and natural 100% * 100% vegan

Results: * Skin tone is brighter and more uniform. * Unclogged pores. Pores appearance is visibly smaller. * Provides natural glow and dewy skin. * Helps reduce pollution effects on the skin. * Allows new skin to shine. * Aroma: Fresh and supports the feeling of renew.”

I think the mask smells very mildly of citrus essential oils, which is really pleasant.


Dafna's Skincare face mask review

The mask comes with a little wooden application spatula but I didn’t find that very easy to apply the mask with so I just used my fingers.  I think in future I’ll use a brush, which is how I generally apply my masks because it gives a nice even coverage.  The instructions say to apply a rich amount to clean skin.  You leave the mask on for 2-3 minutes, so it’s a really quick mask to use.  You then add a few drops of water and the mask turns into a milk consistency.  You then need to massage the skin lightly and the exfoliation powder will then do its thing.  It’s good to pay attention to areas prone to oiliness, for example, the chin and nose.

After using the mask, my skin felt smooth and cleansed.  It does have a high price point, however, it is very lovely to use.

Dafna's Skincare face mask review

Thank you to LoveLula for sending me this mask to try.  You can get one from here.

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