My January 2020 Favourites

My January 2020 Favourites


My January 2020 Favourites

One of my favourite kind of posts to read is people favourite monthly things so I’m planning to share mine every month this year.  Here are my January 2020 favourites.


Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Borderlands The Handsome Collection

I’ve been really enjoying playing this game in the evenings with a friend.  It’s the perfect escapism.  It’s got lots of different tasks and realms to explore.  It is a shooting game with an 18 certificate so not suitable for children but that’s fine as my Xbox is in my bedroom.

I bought my Xbox just before Christmas and as soon as I’d been to buy it I bought the Red Dead Redemption 2 (which is another brilliant game!) disc straight away.  I got home and set it up only to realise I’d bought an Xbox One Digital so there is no disc drive.  Very annoying.


You on Netflix

You Netflix

I’ve just finished watching both seasons of You on Netflix.  Oh my goodness, he’s a crazy, obsessive stalker but you find yourself almost rooting for him.  He has a chance encounter with a woman and stalks her until he knows everything about her.  It’s very watchable and I really enjoyed both seasons.


Gavin And Stacey

Gavin And Stacey

I know I’m super late to the party with this, but everyone was raving about the Christmas episode so we watched both seasons of Gavin And Stacey.  The made me laugh so much!  I loved them.  The Christmas episode was fantastic too.  There has been talk about the possibility of them making a third season, which would be brilliant.  I want to know what Smithy’s answer is!


ZeroWater Premium 5 Stage Filtration Pitcher

ZeroWater Premium 5 Stage Filtration Pitcher

We’re having a new housing estate build in our little town and the builders are forever doing works to allow for their new water systems, etc.  It makes me a little suspicious of the water quality so, with this jug, I can safely drink our water in the knowledge that all the nasties are being filtered out of it.  I find it quite scary to read about all the metals and things in our water.  We have the 12 cup pitcher because we all drink a lot of water.  You can buy your ZeroWater Premium 5 Stage Filtration Pitcher from here.


ION8 Water Bottle

ION8 water bottle

Whilst I’m on the subject of drinking water, I was also sent this gorgeous frosted rose water bottle.  It has a one-touch opening system and an added lock which means it won’t come open inside my bag.  I love that it’s leakproof and smaller than the other bottles I have.  I always have a bottle of water with me when I’m out and this is my current favourite.  You can buy one from here.



Wilde Women by Louise Pentland

I read every night before I go to sleep so I’m always discovering good books.  I’ve just finished reading Wild Women by vlogger Louise Pentland.  I’d have liked a little more drama, but it was a pleasant read and I enjoyed it.

Ottercombe Bay – Part One: Where There’s a Will...

This is what I’m reading at the moment and as I’ve had lots of bouts of insomnia, I’m flying through it.  My mum recommended this book to me and it’s lovely.  It’s about a woman who gets left a railway station from her beloved great Uncle on the condition that she stays in the small Devonshire town that she grew up in for a year.

I’ve had to buy a third Kindle Paperwhite for my daughter because my youngest son and I both read on one at bedtime and she wanted to too.  I got a really reasonably priced one on eBay.


Going Away In Ivy The Van

Ivy The Van

Now Christmas is out of the way, we’ve been cracking back on with doing exposure therapy in the van.  This involves going away and sleeping somewhere.  I love the van and I’m slowly getting used to waking up somewhere that isn’t home.  We’re starting off quite locally but we have some big, scary events to go to this year (family weddings) so need to practise being away further afield.  You can follow my vanlife on Instagram.

This concludes my monthly favourites.  Thanks for reading My January 2020 Favourites.  See you again next month for more things I’ve been enjoying!

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