My October 2018 Favourites

Reading about people’s favourites is one of my favourite kinds of blog post to read.  Here’s are my October favourites.


autumn in Somerset

I love autumn, it’s one of my favourite seasons.  I love everything about it, it’s cosy, the colours, the leaves everywhere, the frost, making hot chocolates for the children, faffing about at our allotment and preparing for winter.  It’s just lovely.  It warms my heart.  Speaking of warm, it has been an unseasonably warm October.

Carnival Night

carnival night kiss

October is the month of our town’s local carnival.  It’s huge and most of the town show up and line the streets to watch.  We watch it with family and close friends.  Line our chairs up along the side of the road (it’s quite lengthy) and settle down for a couple of hours.  My favourite float was the huge The greatest Showman float with a giant elephant on it!  It was, yet another, good year.

There was also the lighting on the beacon to mark this as being our 50th carnival.  That was a lovely evening and it coincided perfectly with being strat after the children’s karate class.

Chard Beacon lighting

My Big Red Van!!!big red van

Agoraphobia is a total nightmare and I’m so sick of it.  I’m not a natural stay at home kind of person.  I love going out and exploring and galavanting around the countryside.  The trouble is, my mental health prevents this.  I don’t like being too far away from my home.  So, here’s my plan.  Convert this big, old red van into a camper and then I’m ever far from home.  We’ll see how it works but I do love big red.


Mornings At Tor’s

I’ve been falling really far behind on my emails and since Tor now works from home, I’ve been going over there in the mornings and doing my emails.  It’s so lovely.  We work away and drink coffee (or chicory in my case) and eat snack together.  This month we were sent some delicious chocolates from Lir chocolates.  The packaging was absolutely stunning.  Really luxurious.

Lir Chocolates

The chocolates were really a really good mix of flavours and different from the usual ones you find on the high street.  We also had some Milk Chocolate Florentines from Thomas Fudge.  These were delicious!  I’ve never had florentines before.  These were chewy yumminess and a great balance of fruit and nuts.  I’ll definitely be buying these again.

Thomas Fudges

My New Crock-Pot Express Multi-Cooker

I know I wrote a whole blog post about it, but it really is the bomb.  I’m still cooking in it most nights.  It’s just so simple, quick and fast!

Crock-pot express multicooker

This concludes my monthly favourites.  There are a million other things I could include, but MrLovely is hovering and waiting for me to go fishing with him.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely


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