Preparing Your Home for Winter

Preparing Your Home for Winter

Preparing Your Home for Winter

Winter is well on its way in the UK, and as such many peoples thoughts are turning to how they can best insulate their homes ready for the drop in temperatures. For many, the onset of autumn and winter means cosy nights at home in front of the fire, hot chocolate and Christmas movie marathons.

It can also mean an increase in heating bills and the appearance of issues that are only apparent when the temperatures drop and the weather generally becomes more damp and cool.

With austerity measures and rising energy prices – a rise of £139 per household has pushed prices up to their highest ever this year. It makes sense that people are looking for ways to help them reduce energy bills and retain heat in their homes.

There are a few things you can do to get your home ready for the winter.


fire with wood stacked next to it

Home Improvements

Have a good look around your home for any small or odd jobs that need addressing before they become bigger than they need to be.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning

Now is the time to get this done. If you don’t have an air conditioning system and want to prepare for the next year, you might want to think about this over the winter. You don’t have to have ducting to have this installed. You can use a mini split installation, for example.


Use this time to undertake small repairs to the interior and exterior of your home. Check for damage to the gutters and roof, which can cause leaks and damage brickwork and interior walls.


Check your boiler before you need to rely on it when it gets too cold. If your boiler is acting up now, chances are it won’t get any better. Have it checked or replaced by a professional so you can be confident it is ready for the winter? Plus, boiler engineers experience an increase in demand during the winter. Prices can rise and wait times are long if you leave it until peak boiler season.

Smoke Detectors

If you don’t have any smoke detectors, now is a great time to install them. Check the batteries work if you have them installed and working properly to alert you of any issues. Carbon dioxide monitors can be beneficial in detecting dangerous levels of carbon monoxide due to faulty or damaged appliances.


Make sure your fire is working and efficiently ready to cope with increased demand. If you need to replace your fire, it is better to find out sooner rather than later. Maybe you can use this time to help you upgrade your fire and be fully prepared for the drop in temperature.


Use this time as an opportunity to complete what you have been putting off. More people stay at home during the winter, meaning an increased desire to have a home they feel relaxed in.

Put up some Reclaimed shelves, add some plants – real or artificial, give the walls a fresh coat of paint or get those pictures on the wall. Whatever it takes, start the prep work now to give yourself a head start so you can relax in comfort.

Keeping Your Home Warm for the Winter

No one likes to think they are waiting for money to heat an inefficient home. However, when it gets cold, you need to be able to warm yourself up. It is worth knowing that energy experts advise against the idea that keeping your heating low all the time as you are losing energy makes it inefficient. You are better at looking at ways of preserving heat and turning the heating on only when needed.

So what can you do to reduce your heating bills during winter?


Layering is the best option when it comes to preserving heat. This means adding extra layers to the older parts of your home, such as rungs on hardwood flooring, lining on curtains to stop heat from escaping. It can be a good idea to place curtains across external doors to help eliminate drafts and add extra layers in more places.

Don’t forget to layer yourself up. Think warm bed socks, fleecy PJs and long sleeves. Cardigans and hoodies are popular choices and can give you the chance to layer up to put off turning the heating on or up when it gets really cold.


Placing reflective panels behind radiators can help stop the walls from absorbing the heat and reflect it into the room. This means you can heat a room more efficiently.

Keep Doors Closed

Doors are the number one cause of expecting heat. Keep doors closed, even when you turn the heating off, to retain as much heat as possible. If you feel drafts still coming in under doors, use draft excluders to keep the heat in. You can get ones that slide under your door and provide a foam blocker both inside and outside of the door. Or you can get one’s that can be placed in front of a door when it is closed.

Treat Windows

If your windows aren’t as effective in insulating your home as they should be, use window treatments to help you to remove any drafts or air leaks coming through.

Heating Timer

One of the most efficient uses of your boiler is to set it to a timer. Do this around your schedule to heat your home when needed and switch off when you aren’t home. If you have a smart heating system, chances are you can do this via an app. If not, most systems can set timers to turn on automatically during the day or night.


While fighting can’t technically heat your home, setting the ambience with some low-level lighting, fairy lights, or lamps can help you create a cosy atmosphere and give off the vibe of it being warmer—Especially if you are snuggling under blankets in front of the TV.

It is the small things that add up when it comes to preparing your home for winter. Taking the time now to get your home ready for winter can help you avoid any unwanted surprises that could be expensive down the line.

If you really want to overhaul your home, it might be worth investing in an energy audit to assess how effective your home is at retaining heat and how well you heat it. It can provide some valuable insights into what you can change to make your home more energy-efficient.

Thanks for reading my post on Preparing Your Home for Winter.  I hope this winter is kind to us all.

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