Proven Ways To Have A Better Night’s Sleep

One thing that you need for your mental and physical health to be in good condition is a good night’s sleep. Sleep is one of the hardest things to come by in a world full of stress, loud children, and chronic illnesses, you name it, it can stop you from sleeping. 

You want to be able to sink into your bed at the end of the day, close your eyes and drift off into a solid sleep that allows you to feel rested at the end of it. You can buy ceremonial cacao online, and you can invest in a memory foam mattresses, but what will really help us to know exactly what you can do to make sure that you maximize your sleep. Sleep deprivation can result in more stress, depression, social anxiety and honestly, sleep deprivation can feel like torture. There was a reason they used it in the war against enemies! Below, we have some proven ways to help you to have a better night of sleep.

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  • Reduce your caffeine after midday. When you wake up and have that first set of sweet coffee in the morning, your day feels like it’s going to be a good one. The thing is, coffee is packed with caffeine. It’s there to wake you up and to get you going and to give you that first boost of energy at the beginning of the day. If you continue to drink coffee throughout the day and into the evening, your body is going to find it much harder to relax and sleep at night. By reducing your caffeine consumption after lunchtime, you’ll be able to get it out of your system before you go to sleep, therefore, reducing the risk of issues and giving you a night of quality sleep.
  • Try not to nap. You nap to catch up on the sleep you didn’t get the night before. But the problem with napping is that it can also prevent you from sleeping well. It’s a great way to make up for lost sleep, but if you nap because you’re missing out, you will forever be trying to catch up. Napping can also prevent you from falling asleep again in the evening, so it’s quite a dangerous cycle. If you do have to nap during the day limit it to 15 to 30 minutes. They don’t call it a power nap for anything. 

Upgrade your sleep space. A big way to improve your sleep quality is to upgrade where you are sleeping. This is called nesting – you are creating a comfortable nest to sleep in through the night – just like birds do. Upgrade your mattress, buy quality pillows, and make sure you have a comfy and lightweight duvet through the summer. Opt for a heavier duvet in the winter so that it is used at the optimum temperature. Nobody wants to be sweltering hot nor do they want to be sweating through their bedclothes. Sleep should be comfortable and it starts with your bedding.

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