Reasons Why Spray Foam Insulation Is Superior

Reasons Why Spray Foam Insulation Is Superior

The world of insulation has grown in recent decades. There weren’t many options in the recent past, but the industry’s choices are constantly improving. Spray foam is one of the newer insulations on the market, and it’s helping homeowners in several ways. Read on to learn why spray foam insulation is superior.

Reduces Noise

Do you live on a busy street or have noisy neighbors? Is there a train that drives past your house frequently? Spray foam insulation can help reduce noise pollution near your home. You can also use spray foam insulation to lessen noise inside your home. For example, if you have loud kids, this insulation will limit how disruptive their playtime will be to your focus.

Is Safe

Unlike other insulation options, no harmful particles get released into the air during the insulation installation. Additionally, it doesn’t retain moisture, inhibiting mildew and mold growth. With spray foam insulation, you can rest assured you will not suffer health consequences because of it.

Saves Energy

The highest R-value award goes to spray foam insulation! R-value measures how effective insulation is in trapping heat. Insulation ranks highly if it creates a strong barrier keeping the air from your HVAC system inside your home. Most of your home’s energy goes into operating your heating and cooling system, and insulation can help keep the running to a minimum. The less often the system runs, the less money you’re spending.

Spray foam insulation has a high R-value because professionals can apply the insulation as a liquid, allowing it to fill every single nook and cranny as it expands. This makes it extremely effective in trapping heat and shutting out cold.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Closed-cell spray foam insulation seals off your home to prevent pollen, dust, water, air, and other pollutants from getting inside. This also prevents mold, a common and sometimes hazardous issue many homeowners have to deal with. With spray foam insulation, you will be able to breathe easily.

Has Many Uses

Spray foam insulation will protect your home from contaminants and high energy bills, and it has many uses outside of insulation. As an incredibly versatile medium, you can save any leftover spray foam insulation to improve a number of things around your home, such as absorbing the sound from noisy appliances and stabilizing loose or delicate parts.

Investing in spray foam insulation is investing in the superior option. Contact a local spray foam contractor today to find out how you can improve your home.

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