Self Storage Facility Don’ts

My stepdaughter is in the middle of moving home and she’s having to use a self storage facility.  I thought I’d share this with you.  Hope it helps.

Choosing the optimum storage solution for your particular needs can prove
challenging. Whether sentimental or merely monetary, possessions hold a certain
value, making it essential to put forth effort in finding a solution to keep these
secure while giving you peace of mind.

One method that is increasingly growing in popularity is self-storage.
These are spaces rented outside the private residence where personal items can
be stored. These can consist of virtually anything with units consisting of various
sizes to facilitate your belongings with associated price points. Read here details
concerning auctions resulting from nonpayment of the fees.
The structures offer a weather-resistant, clean option with outside areas locked
down but accessible 24/7.

Indoor facilities lock individually, plus the units are secured by surveillance
cameras, alarm systems and protected with regular pest control.

Selecting The Right Storage Facility

It’s your responsibility to make sure that you find a quality provider (see here for
an example) who is trustworthy and offers a heightened level of security. In doing
so, you’ll need to do your homework, check references, read website reviews/
testimonials, and look at the company background. Also, take into consideration
the type of things you have to store in choosing between indoor or outdoor

Outdoor containers will be the perfect choice for large equipment such as
vehicles, trailers, kayaks, or possibly jet-skis.

Consideration needs to be taken to the fact that these will be exposed to outside
elements, such as the possibility for pests, inclement weather, and extreme
temperature changes. You’ll need to consider that when packing the space.
Self-storing indoor accommodations are more suitable for things that you have no
room for in your home, like furnishings or household goods. These spaces are
typically climate-controlled and are treated for pests.

What Doesn’t Go In A Self-Store Space

Whether you decide to free up floor-room within your office, declutter your home
or apartment, or merely want to keep valuables in a secure location, there are
many options for self-storage in Australia. Go here
20161109-gslh91/ to see how the industry is booming.
You can use these for almost anything, but there are things you cannot do with
the facilities.

self storage

Treating The Space Like An Apartment

While everyone is feeling the effects of ever-increasing costs of living, especially
those in larger cities, attempting to inhabit these isn’t an option that can be
considered. Theoretically, it is a cost-effective option for housing. Still, you are not
presented with essentials like bathroom facilities, running water, electricity, a
refrigerator and it is a severe fire hazard.
The contract has no indications prohibiting spending time in the structure. You
would likely void the agreement by attempting to make it your primary
accommodation, creating a dire situation for yourself once removed.


Putting Live Animals In The Storage Area

For someone who is unable to have pets in their apartment or finds that they can
no longer keep their animals in the house due to a child allergy or other
unforeseen circumstance, self-storing these living creatures in a dark facility alone
24 hours a day is not the answer either temporarily or definitely not as a long-
term solution.

The animal will accumulate waste, which is unhealthy for the animal, and the pet
food has the potential for drawing nasty pests to the area, putting the pet at risk.
Not only does this go against the storage contract, but the animal could be
removed by animal control for inhumane care.

Running A Business With Customers Coming And Going

The units are an excellent resource for storing business equipment, records,
furniture, and other materials that a company has no office space for. You or
perhaps clients and colleagues might need access occasionally but, when it comes
to a point of a thriving company running solely from the unit with customers
coming in and out regularly, that wouldn’t be the ideal situation.
The more people who have access, the more significant the opportunity for risks,
and the less secure and safe the storage becomes. Confidentiality and discretion are especially important regardless of the industry, and directly running a
business out of a space like this isn’t in line with those ideals.


Hazardous Or Illegal Materials

In packing the place, you would, of course, use common sense by only putting
things in there that you wouldn’t have a problem keeping inside your own home
or apartment without fear. If you feel that it would put your house at risk, then
you shouldn’t store it elsewhere either. Not only will you put your personal
possessions in danger, but those surrounding you and your personal belongings.
Firearms and weapons of any kind would be a complete violation, but some items
you might not be aware of that could pose a risk include paint or petrol, or any
type of flammable material. You can’t put these in a contained area, nor can you
place anything found to be illegal.

It’s important to take your safety seriously.  Make yourself familiar with all the emergency exits and, if needs be, follow the fire escape signs.

Regardless of how something came to you, nothing known to be illegal should be
stored in a self-contained unit. It’s not only breaking your contract to keep objects
like illicit drugs, stolen items, unregistered weapons, or any prohibited materials,
but it is illegal.

If you are not comfortable having these things in the privacy of your own place,
they have no business being in a stored container. This would be putting the
facility and those in the area in harm’s way, perhaps from unsavoury characters
who find out where these things are or law enforcement attempting to find it.

Safe And Secure

One thing to be aware of and it isn’t a sign of dirty places or bad management but, make sure you seal boxes and maybe consider putting them in plastic tubs? Yes, rodents, they say you are never more than 3 feet away from a rodent. If the facility allows it, you can use a company like in order to get rid of rodents you think might be in your storage facility.

Final Thought

The bottom line when storing materials away from home is to take into
consideration what you would keep in your house comfortably. If you would
never put it in your home, don’t put it in self storage elsewhere – make the process simple.
Living creatures should not inhabit these structures under any circumstances,
human or animal. These are not set up with the essentials for either. And pet
parents should simply know better.
A self-store facility is an ideal unit for anyone who has excess household goods,
office materials, or outdoor gear, vehicles, and recreational equipment. There are
various sizes and plenty of space to meet your specific clutter needs.

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