Ingenious Beauty Capsules from LoveLula


I’ve been really enjoying taking supplements lately, as I’m sure you could tell from my selections last month.  This month, I chose something from LoveLula that would work from the inside out to improve the condition of my skin, hair and nails, with these Ingenious Beauty Collagen Capsules.

Ingenious Beauty Collagen Capsules review

Ingenious Beauty Capsules

Ingenious Beauty is a highly advanced supplement that works from within to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Packaged in a glass bottle with a twist-off lid, inside a cardboard box, the bottle contains 90 capsules, which should last 30 days as you have to take 3 each night.  These Ingenious Beauty Capsules are multi award-winners.  They contain three naturally derived, powerful ingredients.  Marine Collagen Peptide.  Collagen is a protein which supports your skin and cartilage, holds your bones and muscles together and protects your organs. Natural Astaxanthin.  Natures most powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin has been shown to combat oxidative stress caused by free radicals, protect the skin from UV damage, boost the immune system and aid muscle repair.  Hyaluronic Acid Complex.  Naturally occurring in our bodies, our stores of hyaluronic acid decline as we age.  HA is famed for its ability to hydrate, moisturise and plump skin cells plus lubricate joints, tendons and muscle.

These wonderful ingredients are all encapsulated inside the unique, patented capsule which is designed to protect the ingredients from the destructive action in the stomach.  When the capsule reaches the small intestine, which is where 90% of the absorption happens, the change in PH levels dissolves the capsule shell, releasing the formula, where the ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream.  All sounds very clever, doesn’t it?


How To Take The Capsules

Ingenious Beauty Capsules review

It’s recommended that you take the capsules at night before going to bed because they work best on an empty stomach.  Your body goes into “repair mode” as you sleep.  By leaving time between your last meal and taking the capsules, you’re ensuring that the capsules pass through your stomach intact and it’s easier to do so when your stomach is empty.  If like me, you tend to snack late at night, another option is to take the capsules as soon as your wake up, when your stomach is empty, and then wait a while before eating.


My Thoughts On The Capsules

There are lots of before and after photos of people that have been trialling the capsules on the Ingenious Beauty website.  The ingredients are great, no extra filler and nothing that doesn’t need to be in there.  My skin and nails are markedly improving since taking these capsules.  I really think they’re working for me.  They do come at quite a high price point and, if I had the money, I would carry on taking them.  They’re pretty fab capsules!  You can purchase them from here.

You can check out more of my green beauty posts here.  Thank you for reading.

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