Space Saving Garden Improvements On a Budget

Space Saving Garden Improvements On a Budget

If you have a small garden and would like to make it look beautiful on a budget, you might want to brainstorm some DIY ideas. You don’t have to spend too much on expensive furniture and large items that take away the greenery. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started with transforming your small garden and saving space at the same time.


Lean To Conservatory

You could connect your indoors with the garden by getting a lean-to conservatory. These are easy to install, and generally, don’t need a foundation or planning permission. You can have your breakfast there every morning, entertain your friends, and save space at the same time. You can also erect the structure yourself, so you save money on installation.



If you don’t want to have huge flower beds in your room, you will have to think vertically. Lean to Greenhouses with built-in shelving will provide you all the space you need to grow fruit and vegetables and start seedlings that you will be able to plant in your boxes later on. You don’t have to reduce the size of your lawn or patio when growing your own organic food. Instead, invest in a small but functional greenhouse and adequate shelving.


Window Boxes

window box

If you want more greenery, but don’t have the space, you can also utilize window boxes. Get your seedlings germinated in the greenhouse, and move them in the window boxes in the spring. Make sure that you water them regularly and give them plant food, so they can flower all year round. You can put flowers, sweet peas, and even beans in your window boxes.


Tiered Planters

To save space and make the most out of your vertical growing space, you can invest in tiered planters. You will not need more than a square yard or so of space on your patio or in your front garden, but you will be able to display your colourful plants. You can have strawberries or raspberry bushes, as well as runner beans and cucumbers growing vertically in tiered planters if you have adequate stem support.

flowering tree


Bench Around The Tree

To combine space saving and functionality, you can take advantage of this garden addition. A nice old tree can provide you with the shade you need on hot summer days, but it can take away a lot of space in your garden. If you need a place where you can chill, relax, and read, you can install a bench around the tree trunk. All you need is recycled timber or some used palettes and a couple of woodworking tools. Be sure to treat the bench to protect the wood from the weather.

If you have limited space in your garden, but still would like to get some greenery without taking up too much space, you can use the above ideas to transform your outdoor space. Use your imagination and make sure that you measure the space needed for each DIY project.

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