My Bucket List Destinations

I feel like I’m really lucky to have travelled lots.  I do dream of seeing more of the World though.  There are so many places I would love to see before I… That’s not a very cheerful route, but ya know.  They’re on my bucket list and I thought I’d share them with you.

See The Northern Lights

Sweden has got to be on the most beautiful places on the planet.  I also really admire their style.  All that lagom style going on.

northern lights


New York

It would have to be at Christmas time too.  I dream of going ice skating at Central Park like in Serendipity.  I’d tour all the famous places and eat lots of delicious Amerian food.  Yum!

Serendipity ice skating


One of my all time wants is to visit the Sydney Opera house, amongst other things.  You can find great deals on things to do in Sydney at Groupon, like walking over Sydney harbour bridge. The architecture, the history, the experience.  I have family in Australia too.  I know it’s a massive place but that does make me feel an affinity to it.

Sydney opera house


Something that Mr Lovely would adore doing is to drive Route 66. I know it is a bit “everyone wants to do that” but he has always wanted to do it.  Mr Lovely wants to travel one way by car and the return journey by bike. All those roadside diners, all those steaks and burgers.

Route 66

Whale Watching

Perhaps I could tie this in with a northern lights trip? Several people I know have been to Norway to see the northern lights but ended up going on Whale watching trips instead. The size and gracefulness of whales always amaze me.

Whale watching


Niagara Falls

Do I really need to say more? The sheer wonder. The sheer Volume! The noise! I love waterfalls, even the little ones in the woods. The power of water over thousands of years, eroding away the ground below, making a new pool. Just superb. Niagara is the best by far.



Hong Kong

The food.  That’s probably the biggest reason I’d like to go to to Hong Kong.  The food and soaking up the culture.  Another pull is following the movie Lost In Translation.  One I’ve watched at least ten times.  I really identified with it whilst I had jet lag in Malaysia.  I’m not sure what I’d spend my time doing there, asides from eating.  I think I’d have to just look it up.

Hong Kong

I think if I want to take all these trips I’m definitely going to need a miracle.  I do love learning about new places and trying new things.  Where are you dream holiday locations?

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