The Hidden Dangers of School Trips: How to Keep Your Kids Safe

The Hidden Dangers of School Trips: How to Keep Your Kids Safe

School trips are an exciting part of growing up, but they come with their own unique set of risks. Away from your loving supervision, your kids are bound to encounter some risks as they walk around and explore outside the comfort of their homes. Risks are unavoidable. But you can ensure your kids are prepared to recognize and tackle those when they go on school trips to Rome or elsewhere. These hidden dangers of school trips need to be discussed and avoided so that your kids can keep themselves safe during their trip adventures. Here are tips on how to talk to your kids about the risks of school trips so that they can make the most of the experience while you relax!

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The Sun

While our adult life has taught us to wear sunscreen religiously to prevent not only sunburn but also premature aging, the same cannot be said about children. More often than not, kids are prone to forget to put sunscreen on. So, you want to help them avoid sunburns with easy reminders:

  • Remind them to stay in the shade or wear a hat and sunglasses
  • Remind them to re-apply sunscreen at least every 2 to 3 hours
  • Pack an SPF 30 or 50 for them, depending on their skin

Be sure also to include a list of recommendations and products to treat the inevitable sunburn, as we all know that it is bound to happen!

Food Poisoning

At home, you can keep your kids safe by making sure they wash their hands and don’t touch their mouths after playing with animals or eating raw fruits and vegetables. But your child is more at risk when it comes to food poisoning abroad. To avoid food poisoning abroad, be sure your kid knows to eat only foods that have been cooked thoroughly and peel all fruits before eating them. Remind them to be cautious about salads, ice cream, and other dairy products as well unless they are from a reputable source. 

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Thieves and Pickpockets

It can be hard to talk to our kids about the risk of thieves and pickpockets, but it’s important for them to know this is a possibility when going on school trips. Talk to your child about what they should do if their stuff is taken or if someone tries to take their stuff. Teach them how to avoid becoming a target by not wearing expensive clothing or jewelry and being aware of their surroundings.


It’s natural for kids to be curious about new people they meet. But don’t forget that these people might not have good intentions. You can help your kids stay safe by teaching them the following things: 

  • When an adult is calling them out, unless they already know the adult or understand the need for being called (such as someone helping them use an automated vending machine, for example), they do not need to pay attention. 
  • If someone tries to approach your child in a way that makes them uncomfortable, it’s okay to yell Stop! and run away as fast as possible to a figure of authority, whether it is a teacher or a police person. 
  • If someone tries to take their picture or wants them to go somewhere with them, it’s important for children not to go with the person and tell an adult, who will call the police right away.

Dangers are lurking during school trips. Yet, warning and educating your child about them can make a huge difference to their safety and your peace of mind! 

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