The Most Overlooked Places To Clean in Your Home

The Most Overlooked Places To Clean in Your Home

Cleaning your home takes a lot of time and patience as you tackle each room, top to bottom. However, some places are hard to remember when cleaning, as they’re out of sight or might seem clean. Here are some places that people commonly overlook when cleaning their homes.

The Tops of Tall Furniture

While most people will remember to clean tables and chairs, the tops of tall furniture are easy to forget because they’re out of your sight. However, dust and dirt will collect up there all the same. Be careful, but always remember to clean up the tops of high cabinets and shelves when cleaning your home.

The Baseboards

The baseboards, or trims, of each room will slowly dirty as time goes on. It’s so easy to forget about cleaning them because they’re out of sight and you don’t interact with them often. However, dirty baseboards will detract from the looks of your home and make it seem dirty, even if you clean the rest.

Heavy Machinery

Heavy machines like dryers and refrigerators are necessary but difficult to clean. The spaces behind these machines will get dirty, and even the mechanics can get dirty. This is dangerous, so it’s important to clean your dryer exhaust piping because dryers can catch on fire if enough dust builds in the exhaust.

Air Vents

Among the most common places that are overlooked when cleaning your home are the air vents. They will slowly accumulate dust and other particles, which can decrease the quality of air and interrupt the flow. Check your air vents frequently to see if you need to clean them to improve air quality in your home.

Handles Around the Home

The handles on cabinets, drawers, and doors may seem clean, but they’re common places for bacteria to spread. As people constantly touch these parts, illness has a chance to spread. You should clean the hardware in your home, even if you don’t use them frequently or they seem clean.

All of these places are important to clean, either for your own safety and health or because it affects the looks of your home. It’s easy to miss these places when cleaning regularly, but you should take the time to find and clean each one of these places to cleanse your home.

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