How To Become A Certified Electrician in San Diego

How To Become A Certified Electrician in San Diego

How Do I Become Certified in San Diego?

If you want to become a member of one of the fastest-growing professions in San Diego, you need to check out how to become a certified electrician. In California, there are expected to be about seventy-six thousand new electrical jobs by 2028. Right now, they make an average of about $60,000 per year. This is a great profession to get into if you do not want to go to a traditional college or university.

To become an electrician in California, you need to have a combination of classroom hours and on-the-job training. You need at least seven hundred and twenty hours of class time and eight thousand hours of on-the-job training. You can get these hours in a variety of schools in the area and by working with a certified electrician such as Green Electric Solutions Electrician Services to get your on-the-job training hours. You will need to provide proof of your practical hours on the job. You can also register as an apprentice in a state-approved program and then take an exam at the end of the program.

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These people usually make between $45 and $120 per hour depending on the size of the job and the materials needed. The average cost per hour is about $75, for a qualified one. An average job, such as installing a new outlet, usually costs around $300. A lot of the costs that you are paying for is the insurance that the qualified person and his company must carry.

In the state of California, you must have a license to be an electrician. This means that you have the training and classroom schooling to make sure that the work you do is safe and will not cause harm. Remember, if you do something wrong with electricity, you can get electrocuted or start a fire, or worse. You need the thousands of hours of training to make sure that you are doing the work correctly and safely. A licensed electrician then can go on to get certification in other areas of electricity, such as green energy or cable splicing. These certificates are add-ons to a licensed electrician that shows that they can specialize in another area. Some of the best certifications are the OSHA Safety Certificate, Electrical Technician Certificate, Electrical Maintenance Technician Certificate, and the EPA Amusement Operators Safety Certificate.

Finding A Qualified Electrician

To find a certified or licensed electrician, you should always check the Better Business Bureau for complaints and to see if they are licensed. This will not weed out all the bad ones, but it is a wonderful place to start. People will usually file a complaint against the those who are not good at their jobs, who do not follow safety precautions and who just do shoddy work,

You can also talk to friends and family and find out who they recommend doing a quality job. Even with a recommendation, make sure that the electrician has all the needed education and licenses to do the job. You can also do an internet search and research from there. A quick search will show accredited electricians and those that are certified by the Better Business Bureau. Again, make sure that you do the research to ensure that the electrician that you choose is qualified and licensed.

Another way to find a qualified electrical engineer is to call the local schools that teach the classes to become an electrician. They will know who they recommend to train their students and those people need to be qualified. You can talk to local electrical worker unions and see who they might recommend. Most unions will have a list of qualified electricians that they recommend. Check with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers for their recommendations, you can rest assured that they will know of qualified people.

There are a couple of ways to see if your electrician is licensed to make sure that you get quality work. If you want to see if one is licensed in California, you can check out this site to see if the one you want to use is on the list of licensed electricians. Another way is to just ask to see their license, if they are legitimate, they will show you their license.

Can’t I Do Electrical Repairs on My Own?

The simple answer is no unless it is something quite simple like putting in a ceiling fan or a new light switch – and then only if you have some basic knowledge of electricity. Although many people are qualified to make some home repairs, it is best to leave electricity to the professionals. There are too many costly mistakes that can be made if you do not know what you are doing. Attempting to do electrical work on your own can lead to big trouble for your home – and for you. It only takes one wrong move to electrocute yourself or to set your home on fire due to unqualified work. You can also ruin expensive appliances by doing your own work. In some cases, it is also illegal for you to do electrical work on your own. Leave electricity to the professionals, so that you, those around you, and your home can be safer.

Are There Electrical Repairs I Can Do on My Own?

There are some small repairs that you can do on your own if you have a basic knowledge of electricity. As stated above, you can put in a new light switch or ceiling fan with little problems. Other simple jobs that you can do are putting in new light sockets, moving or adding electrical outlets, and ceiling lights. All other work should be left up to a qualified person for your safety and the safety of others.


There is a lot to learn about being an electrical worker and it takes around four years to become one. If you are looking to hire one, make sure that you are choosing one that has a license and maybe a certificate in the speciality that you want to be done.

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