This is How To Differentiate Yourself When Applying For Jobs

This is How To Differentiate Yourself When Applying For Jobs

Differentiating yourself when applying for jobs is imperative if you want to stand out, make a good impression, and have the best chance of nailing an interview. How can you stand out in a sea of candidates, you wonder? Well, wonder no more. Below we have a few quick and simple tips that can really help you to differentiate yourself.

Adjust Your Resume And Cover Letter So It’s Better Suited To The Position

First of all, you should never, ever be sending out the same CV and cover letter. In fact, the resume and cover letter you’re sending out for a job this week should be a minimum of 60% different to the one you sent out last week. Of course, you should mention beneficial courses and qualifications that will help get your foot in the door, like your online masters in leadership, but how you word and lay out your CV should be altered based on who you’re applying to. Each and every cover letter should be different, too; you should use your cover letter as an explanation of why you would be great in the role and how you would fit in with the company and their culture. It’s your opportunity to sell yourself.

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Do Your Homework On The Company

Doing plenty of homework on the company you’re applying for is imperative. Don’t just learn about them from them, either; find out what other businesses and people are saying about their company. This will give you a much better idea of what they do, what their service is like, and how you can fit in and help them to improve. You want to show with your cover letter and in any following interviews that you’re very interested in the company and this role.

Ask Questions

One of the worst mistakes you can make when you finally land an interview is sitting there and only answering questions. The best type of interview will always be a conversation! Have questions to ask them, and make it natural. Be interested and interesting.  

Be Authentic

Although you must remain professional, you should always remain authentic. Be yourself, and that will automatically set you apart from other candidates.

Give Yourself Time To Prepare

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to prepare for an interview. Even for a phone interview, you should see if you can arrange it for a couple of days time, so you have hours to research the company, write down questions, and be the best you you can be.

Try To Enjoy Your Interview

Finally; try to enjoy your interview. It’s normal to be nervous and the company will expect it, but if you can enjoy your interview you’ll automatically set yourself apart from other candidates! Have fun, be in a positive, good mood, and let it shine through. Imagine yourself working in your new position and that should be enough to help you get into the right frame of mind!

Differentiating yourself when applying for jobs is important. Use this advice to help!  You can see more of my lifestyle posts here.

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