Is It Possible For All Men To Grow A Beard?

Is It Possible For All Men To Grow A Beard?

Unfortunately, not every man is able to grow a beard by themselves, at least not at the time when you would like it to. The most common reason for this is genetic factors. Many women can also not grow facial hair. This is due to hormones and sensitivity to these hormones.

To grow a beard for men, there may be a practical solution. Namely, a beard growth kit consisting of products that stimulate the non-activated beard follicles to produce.

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How does beard growth work?

To grow a beard, it is scientifically proven that hormones in the man’s body play a huge factor. The more these hormones are triggered to grow, the more your beard will grow. That is why in puberty men start to develop a beard and when you get older the growth starts to reduce.

Genetics also play a factor in beard growth. When your family members have a full beard, it is more likely that you will grow a beard too. But this is not always the case in certain conditions, such as stress, alopecia, ringworm, and chemotherapy treatment.

What is a beard growth kit?

The best beard growth kit on the current market is from Neofollics, a company that combats hair loss and can stimulate hair growth. The beard growth kit is made up of two parts. Firstly, a beard growth stimulating serum and secondly a beard growth enhancing roller.

The serum is one of the market’s most advanced and powerful beard growth serums. Scientifically proven ingredients such as Adenosine and Ecklonia Cava stimulate the beard and peptides that improve blood flow to the skin and inhibit inflammation. This serum also contains essential oils which nourish the skin. This serum is suitable for every man (18+) that has a little beard or bald spots in the beard. It also works if you want to get a fuller beard or want to maintain a healthy beard condition.

In addition, to this serum you can use a beard growth enhancing roller. This roller activates and stimulates beard growth in multiple ways. It has 540 microscopic needles of 0,5mm that enter the skin painlessly. The roller creates microscopic holes in the skin around the beard line. So that the serum can be better absorbed into the skin. The small holes also stimulate the natural healing process of the skin, and it increases blood circulation to the hair follicles. Hence, together they are a great stimulant for your beard growth, incorporated into an inexpensive and effective beard growth kit.

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