Tips for Families of Seniors With Alzheimer’s Disease

Tips for Families of Seniors With Alzheimer’s Disease

When you discover signs of Alzheimer’s disease in one of your family members, it can be an emotional period for everyone. However, with the right care and compassion, you can understand and manage an Alzheimer’s diagnosis together. If you need some support during these times, use these tips for families of seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease.

Create a Daily Structure or Schedule

Many seniors struggling with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia often have trouble keeping to a daily schedule and completing tasks due to memory issues. One way that you can help them keep a productive and healthy lifestyle is by keeping daily tasks structured and scheduled. For example, when visiting an Alzheimer’s patient in the morning, perform tasks such as making morning meals, getting dressed, and taking medications within a specific timeframe each day. Repeating this process throughout the day can help a senior with Alzheimer’s disease stay oriented and encourage them to be familiar with this daily pattern.

Keep Your Loved Ones Involved As Much as Possible

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease often struggle with declining mental health, loneliness, and other feelings of disconnection. Families should try to keep their loved ones involved in family life and activities as much as possible. Bringing seniors to family parties and outings can also encourage them to partake in light physical activity and mental exercise. Physical and mental activities are crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a senior living with Alzheimer’s, so consider ways that you can keep your loved ones involved.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask for Help

Not all families can take care of an elderly person with Alzheimer’s disease without additional support. Whether your schedule keeps you too busy or you are simply feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out to local caregivers and other services that can help. Just remember to talk with your loved one about the option of elder care to ensure a smooth transition. One tip for talking to seniors about elder care is to remind them of the various benefits that these services offer. Avoid focusing on negative emotions some people associate with care, but try to be open and honest with your loved one about their needs.

As a family member of a senior living with Alzheimer’s disease, use these tips to provide the best care you can for your loved one. If you need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local caregiver services or find local support systems for families going through similar journeys.

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