Tips for Living Clutter-Free With Children

Tips for Living Clutter-Free With Children

Admittedly, it’s easy for homes to accumulate clutter, especially with children. Gain control of your space and live a tidy life! Read these tips for living clutter-free with children and utilize the practices.

Set the Example

Healthy habits start with you. Set the example by tackling your clutter. Get rid of unwanted possessions and organize the things you keep. When kids see you decluttering areas, they’ll likely follow you! Ultimately, decluttering sets the tone for a tidy household.

Have a Less-Is-More Mindset

Adopt a simpler lifestyle with a clutter-free home. Although toys are great additions to play areas, you don’t need every train set or baby doll. Cut back on excess items and encourage kids to play with their existing playsets and toys.

Frequently Declutter Toys and Clothes

Frequently decluttering toys and clothes is another tip for living clutter-free with children. As kids grow, it may seem like an endless rotation of new things. Declutter your kids’ items to control overflow.

Contain it or donate it. Organize toys in plastic bins in the playroom or bedrooms. You can also place bins in your storage system to avoid overcrowding. Donate clothes your children can’t fit into any longer. Not only will you decrease clutter, but you’ll help a child in need. It’s a win-win situation!

Consider Making a Mudroom

A mudroom is a dedicated area where you store muddy boots and outerwear before entering living spaces. It can be in the entrance or rear of your home and helps keep your house clean. If needed, you can contain the mess in one area and prevent random items from cluttering your space.

To achieve the best results, you should use open baskets and shelves. These are organization essentials for the perfect mudroom. They’ll hold random items, including hats, gloves, bags, and scarves. Thus, they can prevent messy floors!

Avoid Leaving Things on the Floor

You may toss clothes on the floor and promise yourself that you’ll pick them up later. We’ve all been there. But “later” never comes, and you end up having a huge pile of clothes on the floor. This habit can flow through your household, leading to random items lying around everywhere.

A good rule of thumb is to leave nothing on the floor except furniture. Encourage kids to tidy play areas after activities to avoid cluttered floors.

The last thing you want is someone (including you) tripping over toys and clothes on the ground.

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