Tips for Picking the Best Flowers at the Grocery Store

Tips for Picking the Best Flowers at the Grocery Store

There’s nothing that can compare to the immediate mood elevation that a beautiful bouquet can bring to your life. That’s why many people enjoy having fresh flowers on display in their homes. However, we all know that flowers don’t come cheap, and adding this expense to your grocery budget can seem challenging. As such, you likely want to get the best bang for your buck and make your flowers last as long as possible. Find out some useful tips for picking the best flowers at the grocery store.

Pay Attention to Color

There are minor details we might not pay attention to when picking our flowers. One of those details is paying close attention to the color of the flowers. Flowers tend to lose their vibrancy as they reach the end of their life. If you choose flowers that have a brown tinge, you might find yourself tossing them only a few days after buying them. As such, pick flowers that feature the correct hues and a sprightly appearance and ensure they’re devoid of brown edges that signal an early demise.

Look at the Stem

The greatest tip when picking the best flowers at the grocery store is to look at the stem. Check the end of the stem; if it’s as fresh as possible, there should be no decay or browning. A weak and decaying stem can indicate that your flower will have struggles taking in some much-needed water.

If you arrive home and find some stems are already browning, there is no need to worry. As you arrange your flowers, cut those stems by about three-quarters of an inch. But if a flower seems too far gone, you can toss it all together. If the loss of that particular flower makes your bouquet look uneven, you can head to your yard and pull some greenery to fill up the missing space. That is one of the many flower-arranging hacks that utilize everyday items in and around your home.

Feel for Firmness

You might receive some odd looks, but if you want to ensure your flowers last as long as possible, you must feel for firmness in the petals. Luckily, you don’t have to do much to check for firmness, as it will only take you a moment. Simply run your finger on the underside of the petal. It should feel rubbery, bouncy, and hydrated.

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