Tips for Taking Eye-Catching Product Photographs

Tips for Taking Eye-Catching Product Photographs

High-quality product photographs are an essential sales tool for anyone doing business online. If potential customers can’t handle the product in person, they want to see it from every angle before adding it to their carts. If you want to take eye-catching product photographs, whether for your own site or for a client’s, follow these tips to take stellar pictures every time.

Use Adequate Lighting

Both studio setups and natural light can be used effectively for product photography. Whichever lighting option you use, make sure you have access to enough of it. While playing with shadows can create an artistic photo, you want to ensure that potential customers can clearly see the product.

Play With Colors

Enlist the principles of color theory to grab potential customers’ attention. Think about the product’s target audience and intended use as you create eye-catching color palettes. For example, for skincare and bath products, use gentle pastel colors in your backdrop; for sports equipment or gaming gear, use bright and bold hues to accent the product.

Show the Product in Action

During your shoot, snap at least a few shots of the product being used as intended. This can mean a photo of somebody doing a cool trick on a bike for sale, or a pair of hands lathering up with a bar of soap. Contextualizing the product within its intended use can pique potential customers’ interest more than a shot of the product by itself.

Maintain Consistent Branding

E-commerce product photos are important not just to show people what the product is, but also to convey the product’s brand. If you’re shooting photos for a client’s e-commerce site, stay in touch with the client about the brand values they want to communicate with these photos.

Do you want to take eye-catching product photographs for a client’s site or your own? Take advantage of these helpful tips as you shoot different products, conveying both their intended use and the brand’s values with each shot.

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