Tips on How to Thank Your Dog for all the Love

Tips on How to Thank Your Dog for all the Love

Dogs are incredibly loyal and lovable pets. A dog can definitely enrich your life in a great many ways. They are our company, protectors, helpers, and friends. There must be ways we can thank them for all the good things they do for us for all those good times. Well, actually, there are. Dogs like humans respond to positive stimuli and will definitely enjoy some of the ways we have suggested you thank them in this blog:


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Extra Long Walks

One relatively simple way to thank them is by taking them on an extra special walk. You could plan somewhere you have never taken them before and take them there. The more things to sniff, the better. Maybe you could find somewhere you can definitely take them off the lead to let them get a proper run out too. You could even take them on a dog walking adventure for a weekend or short break. Your dog will love this little treat, and so will you. Both of you will feel better and healthier as a result.


Doggie Sweets

Just make sure that this is only actually a treat, as you don’t want to be constantly feeding your pup doggie sweets. But this is a great way to thank them. You could buy special dog cakes too, whatever you feel is best for your dog.


A New Toy

Why not take your dog to the pet store and see what item they like the best. Getting your dog to choose their new toy will ensure that they will like it and play with it. Toys are a great way to treat your pet and tell them that they are appreciated.


Buy Better Quality Food

Dogs are by nature omnivores, so when you consider their diet, you should try and ensure that there is a good mix of food types. Meat clearly needs to be top of the menu, though. When you look to buoy dog food, check out the ingredient and make sure that the first two items are actual meats rather than meat substitutes. Dogs need meat to ensure that they are getting the right amount of protein in their diet. Maybe have a word with the vet and find out what exactly is the best dog food for your particular breed. The better the quality of food and the better it suits your pet, the happier and healthier they will be. Additionally, don’t feed your dog too many doggie treats as this is not healthy for them.


A Proper Send-Off 

A dog deserves a proper send-off too. That way, you can thank them at the end of their life for all the love they gave you, just as you would as a human family member. Why not think about a water cremation if your dog was particularly fond of the water, for example. This could be a great way to honour them and thank them for all they did in life. This will help you too. A doggie funeral is a great way to create closure. 

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