Sugar Coated – Leg Hair Removal

Sugar Coated - Leg Hair Removal


I find shaving my legs every other day really tiresome and so when I spotted this Sugar Coated leg hair removal kit on LoveLula, I just knew I’d need to give it a try.

Sugar Coated review

About Sugar Coated

Sugar Coated was founded by a lady called Rosie Khandwala.  Rosie grew up in Tanzania where sugar waxing was the only form of hair removal she used.  She was taught how to sugar wax from her mother and sister and as a teenager, Rosie helped in her cousin’s salon which is where she learned the tricks and techniques for the best and gentlest results.

When Rosie moved to the UK in 1987 with her young family, she soon realised sugar waxing didn’t exist, she couldn’t find it anywhere, so she started making her own!

“Seeing this glaring hole in the market she and her husband set out on introducing sugar waxing to the UK. Starting manufacturing at home she soon outgrew the kitchen and they found premises nearby where the sugar wax is still manufactured by her today, in the still family-owned and operated business.”

In 1990, Rosie got her first big breakthrough when she approached The Body Shop.  After 18 years of successfully supplying The Body Shop, Rosie decided to launch her own retail brand in the market called Sugar StripEase.

Rosie has taken her 30+ years of experience and knowledge of hair removal and sugar waxing and poured it into Sugar Coated.

About Sugar Coated Leg Hair Removal Kit

Sugar Coated Leg Removal Wax review

Inside the box, you’ll find the pot of wax with the strips, three wooden spatulas (two big and one small) and the washable and reusable strips.  The wax contains just three ingredients and they are sugar, water and rosehip oil.  It’s completely vegan, water-soluble (no more messes on the carpet or towels, etc!).  All the Sugar Coated products are Leaping Bunny Certified.


My Review

sugar wax

The sugar was is really easy to use.  You take the pot out of its packaging, remove the lid and microwave for around 40 seconds ( this made it a little too hot in my microwave so I had to wait for a little while for it to cool down.  You then do a patch test to check it’s not too hot (I use the back of my finger).  It’s important to make sure the skin is free from oils and lotions before waxing, it’s also recommended that you use talc on your legs (I skipped that step because talc isn’t good for your lungs).  You then apply the wax to your leg, using the spatula, in the direction of your hair growth.  Apply the strip and press it down, ensuring you leave enough clear of wax to be able to remove the strip.  You then pull the strip away in the opposite direction to the hair growth, perpendicular to the skin.  You then repeat until your legs are as hair-free as you like them.  The residue wax washes off really easily with just warm water.

To remove the wax from the used strips, I poured a boiling kettle of water over them and the wax and hair just washed away.  Perfect.  I’ll definitely be using this again and next, I’ll buy the one for body hair so I can do my armpits and such, though I’m sure you can do it with this kit too.

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