Top Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Part One

Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Part One

A Mother is one of the very most important, if not the most important woman in a person’s life.  My mum is amazing.  She’s my calm throughout every storm, she’s my stability, my strength and my biggest source of comfort and support.  I literally owe my life to her.  So, when a person like that holds such importance and love to you, what do you gift them for Mother’s Day?  I’ve put together some excellent ideas that I hope will help you.


A Smartbox From buyagift

Superwoman experience gift pack

The lovely people at buyagift are donating 25% of the purchase price to Breast Cancer Care until the 11th of March.  This is something very close to my heart as my mum has survived a very aggressive and rare breast cancer.  Watching her go through that journey isn’t something I’d wish on anyone so the more than can be done the better.

This Superwoman experience is the one I chose for my mum.  There is such a huge range of activities to choose from, ranging from a helicopter flight, a spa day, ice climbing, zorbing to dinner somewhere lovely.  Pretty sure my mum is going to choose going out for a meal, but it’s nice to know if she wants to turn into a daredevil and go white water rafting, she has the option.

I gave my dad one of these for Father’s Day last year and he was absolutely delighted with it.  I’m pretty sure it was the best father’s day gift he’d ever received (Winner!  Don’t worry, none of my three brother’s read my blog).

You can purchase one of the experience vouchers from the buyagift website here.


The Book Of Everyone

the book of everyone 38

I recently received a personalised Book Of Everyone.  I was completely taken with it and spent a long time pouring over all the facts and the details of things from the year I was born.  It’s packed with fun facts and fascinating information.  I showed Tor who immediately went home and ordered one as a birthday gift for her sister.  One of their books would not only make a perfect Mother’s Day gift, it would be a great present for anyone.


Silk Scarf Painting Starter Kit from Homecrafts Direct


silk scarf painting set

Giving someone a gift that’s something fun to do is always a winner, in my opinion.  I feel like often people don’t take enough time out for hobbies.  I have a huge list of hobbies I’d like to do.  On that list is silk painting.  This kit from Homecrafts Direct is a great gift that will give your mum the opportunity to express her creativity or you could paint your mum a scarf!

I had a little go at silk scarf painting at the weekend and I really enjoyed it.  It’s very relaxing.  I’m looking forward to getting some colour onto it and experimenting with the salt and the paint together.  Check out the range of craft products available at Homecrafts.


Get Creative & Make Something – Minerva

velour from Minerva

Something I love doing is making gifts.  The time and love it takes to make something by hand is really precious.  It’s easy to run up a simple cushion from beautiful fabric.  I have some stunning fabrics from Minerva in a range of colours in velvet.  Velvet is very on trend this year.  I love the look and the feel of it, it’s so tactile.  I have three different fabrics to use (pictured).  I’m excited to get out my sewing machine and get creating.  I’ll be sharing what I make on my Instagram so keep your eyes peeled.  Minerva is an award-winning retailer that boasts a wide range of crafting-related products.  Their sewing and fabric range is incredible.  I’ve taken some photos of the fabric, but it’s impossible to represent just how beautiful the fabric is in real life so maybe pop along to their website.


I have a few more gift ideas to share with you, but I thought I’d share these with you now, to get you started.  Wishing all you mum’s out there a Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday.  Thanks for reading,

Lu Lovely


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