My February Favourites – 2018

My February Favourites - 2018

February is such a busy month in our household.  Most families have that month in which all the birthdays are and February is that month for us.  It’s my birthday and two of our daughters birthdays which makes it a pretty expensive month.  It’s been a great one though; full of love and joy.  I love sharing my favourite things each month and this month has been a great one so grab yourself a cup of something hot because this is probably going to be a long one!


Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel by Aquis

Aquis Hair Towel

I happened across this hair towel by chance and I certainly didn’t ever think a hair towel would be something I would rave about.  Now, I Aquis hair towelwouldn’t be without this.  Both myself and my daughter’s use this towel and swear by it.  It wicks out so much of the water that neither of the girls uses the hairdryer now.  I still use mine because I feel like I need to style it a little because it’s the only time I ever give my hair any attention.

Keratin is a protein that gives hair its strength and integrity. When hair is wet, the keratin in the endocuticle layer absorbs water and swells rapidly; hair cuticles are pushed open, they rub and tangle, leading to cuticle damage. Simultaneously, the keratin bonds along the length of the hair weaken and stretch to the point of breakage. This is why hair needs to be dried quickly and evenly to a damp stage – without heat.

You can read even more about the Aquis range on their website.  This is the hair towel we use, it’s ideal for long and delicate hair.




Arrow TV series

Oli (the youngest son) decided it would be lovely if we all watched Arrow together, so we gave it a go and now we’re all addicted.  Lissy and I are totally caught up in the romance between Oliver and Felicity and the men very much appreciate the action.  I too love a good fight scene and there are certainly plenty to choose from.

Arrow is an American TV series featuring Oliver Queen as a playboy that got shipwrecked on an island and became the Arrow.  A vigilante set on saving his city.  It’s action-packed, exciting and full of eye candy for men and women alike.

We watch it on Amazon Prime through our Fire TV stick but I’m sure there are other ways to watch it.  See the official website here.


Wuka Period Panties

Wuka period pants

Wuka wow!  I’ve been using a combination of a menstrual cup and reusable sanitary pads for a couple of years.  I’ve been pretty happy with my choice.  I was fascinated when Wuka started showing up in my news feed.  I tried them for the first time this month.  When I test something, I like to really put it through its paces.  I tried these on the heaviest day of my period and wore them for an evening and overnight (recommended for wear for around 8 hours).  They coped!  They’re extremely comfy and incredibly absorbent.  I love them so much I’m going to purchasing more pairs (because one pair is obviously not going to be enough).  They wash really easy to care for and you can just bung them in with your normal wash load.  Fun fact, I’m actually wearing them right now (and I was wearing them whilst sledging earlier so I can testify that they also absorb snow!).  You can purchase them here.


Madara Moonflower Rose Beige Tinting Fluid

Madara Tinting Fluid Moon Flower

natural looking makeup

This is my jam right now. Absolutely loving this Madara tinting fluid. I’ve been using it in place of a foundation. It’s a lovely light and natural looking coverage that I can see carrying on being a firm favourite throughout summer. There’s another tinted moisturiser I want to try before the summer arrives but I can’t see it beating this Madara one. I chose the shade Moon Flower because it’s more suited to pinky skin tones.  I wear this every day and it’s really simplified the process so it’s much quicker.  Love, love, love!  I got my Maradara Tinting Fluid from here.

For lighter skin tones, glowing skin, day moisturiser, sunscreen and facial tint in one, cool/neutral undertone, super light but effective coverage.


Turbliss Bioactive Face Mask for Problem Skin 60ml

Turbliss Bioactive Face Mask for Problem Skin 60ml

wearing the Turbliss facemaskI have a bit of an addiction to facemasks at the moment.  I really enjoy the process of cleansing my skin, applying the facemask, removing it and moisturising.  It’s like having a little facial.  Some proper self-care.  This is the one I’ve been using this month.  I can’t say I’ve noticed an improvement in the reduction of spots as my skin has been behaving very well this month (- ooh!  that might be an indication of its effectiveness!!), but it does feel lovely on my skin and leaves my skin feeling deeply cleansed (that sounds like a really cheesy phrase, but it sums it up).  It’s a really powerful mask so you can’t leave it on for longer than 10 minutes.  You can buy this one here.

Instant result for problematic skin suffering from acne or occasional break-outs. Minimizes pores, improve skin texture, calms irritated skin and alleviates inflammation. In addition to bioactive peat, the product contains geranium, witch hazel and chamomile to cleanse, heal and calm problematic and irritated skin. Deeply cleansing & anti-bacterial. Stimulates cell renewal. Balances sebum production and hydrates. Alleviates acne and psoriasis. Minimizes pores and improves skin texture. Calms irritated skin and inflammation. Instant results. Makes skin look healthy, smooth and radiant.


VBites Making Waves Gourmet Fish Style Steak

VBites Making Waves Gourmet Fish Style Steak sandwich

I can’t remember the last time I had a fish finger sandwich, however, after trying the Vbites Fishless Fish Steaks during Veganuary.  I’ve stayed veganish (I eat eggs from the chickens at our allotment and honey from the beehive down the road).  The best lunch ever is one of these steaks between two slices of bread and a bucket of ketchup.  It’s like little bites of Heaven.  I adore the Vbites fish (and their duck style pieces).


I had better end this post here because otherwise the snow will have melted and I won’t get any more sledging in.  Hope you’re all enjoying the snow.  Thanks for reading.

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    The Turbliss has been on my wishlist for a while now! Glad to hear you’re liking it. And I’ve been wanting to buy some period pants and haven’t heard of these ones so thanks for sharing!

  2. says: Mary Hill

    The Turbliss face mask need to try this I have such problem skin thanks for this going to give it a go! ? I’ve also liked and shared post on Facebook lovely blog ?

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