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Get Buzzing flapjacks

The very lovely people at GetBuzzing recently sent me a selection of their protein flapjacks to try.  As you know, I’m a fan of protein bars.


getbuzzing flapjacks

GetBuzzing are different from your run of the mill protein bar, these are flapjacks.  A delivery of energy in a mouthful of moist, tasty oats is always going to be a winner.  The concept of their bars is simple; “Its real, honest WHOLESOME food in a bar. Back when I started the company, there were three things missing in the market in any one product; Natural ingredients, Nut Free and 100% taste”.  What’s more, they’re made in the UK, which is a very important factor.

The Flavours

Get Buzzing mint chocolate

GetBuzzing flapjacks come in a selection of six different flavours.  I have tried them all except the mint chocolate flavour (I know I’m a minority in feeling this way but mint has no place being in chocolate – yuck.  I feel the same way about orange and coffee – just not!).  The mint chocolate flavour was MrLovely’s favourite and also my best friend’s favourite – she says you can really taste the dark chocolate.  My favourite is the Protein & Cherry.  It tastes like oaty, heavenly Bakewell tart.  The mixed berry one taste like a fruity sweet treat.  I’m amazed at how much the Wowbutter flavour tastes like peanut butter!  It’s genius!  The date and seed one was my least favourite because I’m just not a fan of dates.

The Taste

Some Protein bars are a bit dull, more savoury or slightly tasteless, you end up eating it and not feeling satisfied even though they more than fulfil your nutritional needs, this then leads to you eating more just because…. and that is not the route to ideal nutrition! With the GetBuzzing bars, not only do you know you’re getting approximately up to 25 % of your protein for the day (for the average sedentary woman)  it is also Delicious!! I could quite happily eat one with a hot drink on a busy day, lunch isn’t going to happen but “hangry” is on the horizon!!

Rather than risk the hangry rages, pop along and buy some of these delicious flapjacks.  They’re great for everyone of all ages.

Thank you to GetBuzzing for sending me their yummy products to review and thank you for reading.

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  1. says: Sarah

    These sound fantastic and like you im a little unsure on the mint one! I haven’t ever tried a protein flapjack but may give these a go! X

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