What You Should Know About Tequila Glassware

What You Should Know About Tequila Glassware

Do you simply love tequila? Do you tend to enjoy this drink casually instead of taking shots at parties? There is a problem among tequila lovers, and that is to find the perfect glass for every occasion. There are glasses for everything, from taking shots to drink it slowly with love, or maybe you want it iced. After resolving this problem, then the issue of which kind you want the most. Are you a Blanco type of person, reposado, aged Anejo, or some other type of tequila infused with various flavours and aromas? It all comes down to what choices you make because every glass is made for a specific reason.

Suppose you are the person that just wants to party and take shots, but you also tend to use suitable glasses. In that case, there are a variety of options available for you. On the other hand, if you are looking to save the aroma, and want to enjoy the juices, then there are tulip-shaped glasses made just for this occasion.

Suppose you are the type of person that prefers tequila over ice. In that case, a perfect choice for you is flavoured, overproof tequilas such as Tapatio or Astral, and then combine with double rocks resulting in a delightful drink to be enjoyed.
Want to read about the history of tequila? Then click on the next link for additional information https://medium.com/@volanstequila/10-things-you-didnt-know-about-tequila-8a06f37a26c4.

How to drink this alcohol?

Before deciding what kind of person you are, and what is the best type of glass, or what type of tequila suits you best, you should definitely know how to drink this alcohol and know your limits. Most of you remember the college days when you were going out partying all night drinking shots, and the next day your head wants to explode. Hopefully, these days are behind you, and you have matured enough to know the limits of every alcohol.


If you are looking to buy a bottle of tequila, you should look in the back for the nom number and how much percentage of agave is there. If it says fifty-one percent of agave, this is not the drink for you as you should look for one-hundred percent of agave. Everything that does not say this is filled with sugar and will not give the proper taste. If you are not familiar with this, adding sugar to alcohol results in the worst hangover possible. It is essential to know that taking shots or drinking from a bottle will not do you any good, so it is not such a bright idea.

If you want to understand this beverage a bit more, then you should consider getting glasses that will provide you with full efficiency of smelling the aroma inside. Are you getting more into this topic? You can always learn more information by clicking this link.

tequilla glasses

Types of glasses

The last thing to decide is which glass is the best. There is no concrete answer to this question, as it all comes down to your taste. If you are the kind of person who wants to slowly enjoy the aroma, then a copita glass is the right option for you. It is expansive, and this results in giving your nose a perfect aroma.

Similar to these are the Riedell Ouverture glasses which can hold slightly more alcohol in them. On the other hand, if you want to go for shots, you can go for recycled-glass types, which can come in many colours. There are many others such as elivia, Himalayan salt, Glencairn, etc. There are many other tequila glasses for sipping that are waiting to be tried on. You can always check on the internet for more information regarding this topic. In the end, the bottom line is to opt for quality instead of quantity. If you drink too much, it can result in health issues, so it is wise to drink responsibly. Never drink and drive, and as mentioned above, go for the quality.
There are many different kinds of tequila waiting to be tasted, and you can try however you want. But every once in a while, you should listen to experts regarding this matter. Some people are even collecting glasses that have a unique style.

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