Perfect Gifts To Buy For A Baby Shower

Perfect Gifts To Buy For A Baby Shower

If you are due to attend a friend or family member’s baby shower this year, then you are probably already fretting about what present to buy them. It can indeed be quite tough to work this out, but as long as you are thinking carefully you should be able to find something suitable that they are going to love. There are indeed certain items that always tend to be appreciated in this regard. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the perfect gifts you can buy for your next baby shower, whoever the expectant mother might be.

Baby Bibs

It is obviously generally a good idea to buy items which are actually going to be useful in some way. One of your best options here is the baby bib, which is a great present choice because it is practical and yet you can use it to personalise the gift somewhat too. If you shop around, you should be able to find baby bibs of different styles and colours, so you can choose one that is going to go down particularly well with your friend in question. This is bound to be appreciated, and especially if you have chosen the best ones you can find.


Pram/Baby Stroller

If you want to gift a larger present, how about a pram or a baby stroller like the Effective Mixx?  A stroller is something every parent needs from the day dot as a safe and warm mode of outdoor transport for their little ones.

Learning Books

Although it might be a while yet before the expectant mother starts reading to their child, it’s good to be prepared for the future – and it can be very quick for that age to come around, anyway. So if you want to help them educate their child from a young age, you might want to think about getting them some learning books, such as those that teach children the alphabet or those that focus on boosting memory. With education being one of the best gifts you can possibly buy, this is bound to go down well with most parents.

Luxury Gift Set

If you want to do one better than that, however, you might want to think about buying them a luxury gift set. These sets vary quite a lot, but they generally include some of the essentials that a newborn baby and their mother needs, and all wrapped up in the kind of luxury wrapping that makes a present so much more attractive every time. Look at this example for a hint of what you can expect here – an elephant comforter, bear hooded towel, and a blanket, to name but a few.

baby shower gift ideas - pregnancy candle

Pregnancy Candle

Who says that a baby shower gift has to be something for the baby itself? Often, you can shake things up a little by choosing a present that is specifically for the mother. A good example of that would be a pregnancy candle. These candles have relaxing and soothing scents to help a pregnant woman get off to sleep and unwind, and they can be a great gift if the expectant mother in question is particularly stressed out by it all, or they are having a tough pregnancy. Choose your flavour and make sure you wrap it right, and it will go down a treat.


One of the best ways to help your friend forever remember their newborn baby and this experience is to get them some jewellery. In particular, you might want to look out for some finger print gifts, such as a stainless steel keepsake or a locket with a finger print on it. This can be a very touching and moving way to commemorate the event of a baby being born, and it is likely to bring about tears at the baby shower every time! This is an absolute must if you are looking for something sweet and simple.

cute baby dressed as a teddy bear

Personalised Clothes

Finally, consider buying the newborn baby some personalised clothing. If there is already a name chosen and decided, you can be sure that this is going to be a wonderful way to make that as personal as possible, so it’s definitely something to think about. Even without a name in the mix, you can find ways to personalise the clothing so that it is suitable for the baby in particular. This is a far cry from the obvious choice of some diapers, and yet it is going to be so much better appreciated every time.


As you can see, there are many different routes you can choose to go down if you want to buy a perfect gift for your friend on the occasion of their baby shower. Any of these are bound to be good options, so start with these.

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