What’s In My Handbag

I’ve always been fascinated by what people keep in their handbags.  I love watching those videos on YouTube.  What people deem as essential items to carry around in their day to day lives.

The Queen’s Handbag

Queen's handbag

The contents of the Queen’s handbag, for example.  I’ve googled that many times before.  The Queen has an entire entourage, what could she possibly carry around in her handbag??  She’s passed the stage of needing tampons.  Is there a crumpled old tissue and a fluffy mint roaming around in there?  According to a royal biographer, the Queen carries a crisply folded (not crumbled old crap for Her Royal Highness) £5 or £10 note for the collection at church on Sundays, reading glasses, mint lozenges, a mirror and her favourite Clinique lipstick.  She also uses one of her many Launer handbags to send secret signals to her staff.  I need to get some covert signals!

My Handbag

canvas handbag

My choice of handbag these days is very practical.  This was a birthday gift from MyLifeOfLovely back in February.  He bought it from my amazon wishlist.  I wonder if the Queen ever shops on Amazon.  It’s a bag that doubles as a backpack (though I’ve never actually used it as one).  You can also wear it across your body.  The straps are comfortable (Yes!  Strap comfort is very important!).  It’s made from canvas and has plenty of pockets and space.  There’s even a handy metal buckle to clip Gump’s lead to, should I need to.

The Contents

what's in my handbag

Starting clockwise, starting with the aluminium water bottles (I didn’t know there were two in my bag – no wonder it was so heavy!).  I always need to have water with me and I prefer not to use a plastic bottle.  I love these ones.  The gold one was from amazon and the purple one was from Lidl.

aluminium water bottleOnya Produce bags – I’m a big fan of Onya.  These bags are made from recycled water bottles.  When I’m shopping, I hate putting my fruit and veg in plastic, so annoying and unnecessary and I keep these bags clipped to my handbag so they’re always available.  I think there are about five bags contained in the red pouch.  These bags are similar.Onya bags

Vango spork – You never know when you need a spork whilst you’re out and about (really dislike disposable plastic cutlery too!).  This one doesn’t look straight very easily, which is annoying.


Black Case – this contains earphones for my phone.  I find it annoying when my earphones end up in a tangled mess at the bottom of my bag.  This little case prevents that.

earphones case

Scentered Stress-Less Therapy Balm – Great little pop-up and rub on balm for when you’re feeling stressed.scentered stress

Pen – There were about four pens in my bag.  I didn’t think you needed to see them all.  I always have pens buried in my bag.

Pocketknife – Nothing sinister, I just spend a lot of time at the farm.  I use my pocketknife most days to cut baler twine, fencing wire or open feed bags and things.  Essential.

Sistema Cutlery To Go – BPA free cutlery containing a knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks.  I’ve had this for about four years and I frequently use them.

travel cutlery

Diazepam – 2mg tablets.  I have agoraphobia and have frequent panic attacks.  I don’t use these very often but having them with me makes me feel comforted.

Nakd Bar – I do get hangry if I don’t eat regularly so I usually have something in my bag to snack on.  I love Nakd bars, they’re healthy and give you a brilliant little protein boost.  Fun fact, I once read that a handful of cashews has a similar effect to Prozac.  Yummy, happy nuts!

nakd bars

Dubleup Portable Power Bank – The credit sized portable charger.  It doensn’t hold a huge amount of charge, but it’s a little lifesaver when your battery is dying and you just need more juice!  I love that is fits in my purse.  I’m not actually sure this charger has been released for sale yet.

dubleup charger

Seasalt Handyband – Great for neck, hair and head.  You can wear these in so many different ways and I use mine all the time.  My handyband frequents my head and thus my photos.  I bought mine last year and the design is discontinued but the one below is from their current range.  They’re made with 96% organic cotton and are such great quality.


Castration Rings – These don’t have any place being in my handbag.  They’re still in there from when I was doing the lambs.  Taking the rings and pliers home, they just didn’t just didn’t make it out of my bag.

Dog Treats – Gump needs this for her tummy.  He tummy might need direction.  I’m pretty sure these ones are Bakers.

Happy Jackson Sticky Notes – These were a gift from my brother for Christmas last year.  I have no idea why they’re in my bag, they don’t belong in there.  I’m a stationary addict so stationary often pops up in incongruent places.

happy jackson sticky notes

The notebook – This was a gift and I can’t remember where it was from.  I’ve spent so much time searching.  It’s so incredibly beautiful.  Leather and embossed with my initials.  I love this.  A notebook always has a place in my bag.  Not On The Highstreet have some beautiful personalised ones.

Lavera All Round Cream – Great moisturiser for everywhere.  Handbag sized and perfect.  I love this cream!

lavera cream

Purse – Obviously.  With receipts and fluff in it.  Maybe some copper coins too.  It’s a leather purse that I’ve had for years.

Bubba Gump’s ID – This is the CGI issued identification.  I like to keep it on me in case someone asks to see it.

So, there you have it.  Some useful and some not so useful shizzle that I keep in my bag.

What’s in your bag?  Do you also end up carting around a load of random crap?  Please tell me I’m not the only one that doesn’t clear out their bag often enough!

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