Who Wouldn’t Want A Garden House With A Hot Tub!?

Who Wouldn't Want A Garden House With A Hot Tub!?

Don’t you long for a space to relax, that isn’t inside your home? Wouldn’t you rather get away from the family, lie in a hammock, by yourself, and catch up on a novel? Here are a few steps better. How about a garden house, built to be luxurious and serve your needs. A garden house that also has its own hot tub. You’re probably already daydreaming about the benefits of having such as private space. Snap out of it! This can come true if you’re willing to put in the hard work. No, not just at work, but building the structures themselves. A lot of planning must go into this project to get it right. Bear in mind, the land is not so easily changed and nor is it easily fixed when things go wrong. Take your time and really decide on some of the key points for making this dream space, a reality. Here’s a step by step guide and valuable questions you need to answer.

Choosing the space

Not everyone is blessed with a large garden. The size of your garden will inherently dictate the size of the garden house. Don’t worry, because garden homes are extremely adaptable. In fact, that’s the best selling point besides the guest room they provide. They are a relatively new concept, which is why they’re often seen as the lego structure of the modern home. Choosing the space is the first task. How much of your garden is available to be built on and how much of it, are you willing to sacrifice?

If you have a typical 100 square-feet garden, you’ll have enough room for one mid-sized room. The hot tub will have to be on the smaller side. If you have 200 square-feet gardens, you can double both. That’s the rule of thumb, 100 square-feet equates to enough room for one room in your garden house, with just enough extra room for a hot tub. After you have chosen the space, it’s time to start excavating all the material.

Here’s the messy part

Put on some old clothes, some beaten up old boots and find some gardening gloves because it’s about to get messy. Building a garden house is quite a task. It’s easily up there with some of the most complex jobs one can do in their own garden, regarding construction. Perhaps the only other thing as complex would be to extend the kitchen or perhaps build a large swimming pool. Your first task is to begin removing the soil where you’ll be erecting the foundation. You should dig about half a meter down and remove the soil in great big mounds of earth. You’ll want a skip bin hire service as you will be loading it up quite frequently. The service will also come and collect the skip and replace it with a new one, as and when you need it. They also have a high recycling rate at around 70% of their waste diverted from the landfill. Their skips are quite large as well with a choice of 20 to 30 cubic meters in volume, giving you plenty of room to get the job done in one or two trips.

Laying the foundations

Here comes the slightly less, but still messy part. Laying the foundations is crucial to the overall build quality of the garden house and therefore hot tub. Hiring a professional team is the best option as industry experts know what kind of soil you have, which is detrimental to the rigidity of the project. They will be digging into the soil, metal girders and support bars, which will be left standing up as the concrete and or mortar is poured into the ground you have excavated. They will leave it to dry over a few days while covering it with a makeshift roof to prevent the water from destroying the work they’ve just done.

Next, they will begin to smooth the surface and begin to create additional structures that you will require, such as steps and borders. The border will be made from bricks and or large industrial cinder blocks. After everything has been filled in, smoothed and left to dry again, you can begin thinking about the style you’re going for.

Style before utility

The utilities of your garden house are crucial, without them you will have a cold dark room. However the style is less important, yet still comes first. You have to know what kind of room you would like to build. Will the room be the classic Scandanavian beach house? The sheer white walls, the bare decking and the blue and white colour scheme might attract you. You could go for a modern relaxation room, somewhere that doesn’t really have a style because it’s built purely for entertainment. You can paint the walls any kind of colour and leave your focus on where you’ll place the entertainment system, the pool table, the air hockey table and the bean bag chairs. One of the more popular styles of garden homes the modern decor standard. It’s essentially, a little bit like your own living room has been moved outside. 

A tub alongside 

With your garden home decided, now it’s time to make some room for the hot tub. Right beside your garden home, should be a place for a hot tub to be dug into the decking. It should also have a small roof overhead so you’re shielded from the wind and rain. The hot tub should be 2 square-meters so you have enough support around the sides. There is a range of hot tubs to choose from. They all have different features, such as bubbles, cold water mix for healing injuries, scented soaps, swirling modes and automatic cleaning options. When you have all these plans in place, you can begin to consider the utilities and how you will connect everything from the garden house to the main house.

Garden homes are an excellent space where you can shield yourself from the rest of the world. They’re for your leisure only and a hot tub would simply make things a whole lot better. 

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