Why You Should Slash Alcohol Consumption To Zero

Why You Should Slash Alcohol Consumption To Zero

Researchers used to think that moderate alcohol consumption was okay. People could drink a glass of wine a few nights a week and get away with it. 

But more recent data suggests that that’s not the case. Alcohol is damaging to the system, it says. And people need to be much more careful than official guidance suggests. 

This change in advice wouldn’t be the first we’ve seen. In the past, researchers were perfectly happy for people to eat dozens of sausages and frozen chicken burgers every week as long as they were low-fat. Now, though, we know a lot better. These foods are in the same category as smoking when it comes to cancer and cardiovascular risk. 

Researchers changed their tune on alcohol once more comprehensive data came to light. The previous idea was that wine, beer and spirits acted as a mild but positive stressor on the body, a bit like exercise. If you had a little, it was better than none at all. 

However, more comprehensive research with fewer confounding variables found this to be false. Even drinking a little puts you at higher risk of health problems and increases overall mortality risk. You can’t have a sip of wine on Friday night and stay optimally healthy. The body simply doesn’t work like that. 

The deep-down reason for this is how alcohol affects the body. There are several mechanisms of damage. The first is that when alcohol comes into contact with the body’s tissues, it acts as a carcinogen. Stomach and throat cancer risk goes up when you drink. 

The other risk is to the liver. When the organ converts alcohol in the bloodstream into sugar, it eventually forms fat globules in liver cells which, over time, lead to serious damage. Eventually, the liver stops functioning as it should, and the patient starts experiencing serious health problems. 

For many people, all this seems a long way distant in the future. They’ll get sick in thirty or forty years time, they tell themselves. But the effects of alcohol can be far more rapid than that. Even individuals in their twenties can find themselves getting into trouble. 

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Then there are the addictive properties of drink. Millions of people every year across the globe find themselves having to enrol in a professional treatment program to wean themselves off the stuff. 

In this post, we take a look at all of the reasons why you should cut your alcohol consumption to zero and enjoy life without it. 

Lower Your Blood Sugar

Did you know that alcohol can significantly raise your blood glucose levels? Well, it’s true. Alcohol turns into sugar in the liver and then floods your body with pure sugar without any of the fiber or nutrients you get when you eat regular food. Most of this winds up as diabetes-causing fat around your liver and pancreas, putting you at risk of eye and kidney problems in the future. 

Improved Sleep

Alcohol is a depressant but even if it helps you drift off at night, it doesn’t do your sleep any favors. That’s because it reduces the quality of sleep. When you have alcohol in your system before bed, it reduces the ability of your brain to reach the deepest forms of sleep and you wind up waking up tired. 

Going without alcohol, on the other hand, means that you sleep less, and the quality of the rest you get is much higher. You’re much more likely to feel refreshed on a Saturday morning after a long week at work if you don’t drink on a Friday night. Usually, a single long night of high-quality sleep is enough to keep you healthy and happy. 

Improved Energy

While alcohol contains a lot of sugar, it doesn’t necessarily give you a feeling of energy. In fact, chronic consumption makes you feel sluggish because you’re dedicating so many of your body’s resources to fight alcohol toxicity. 

To improve energy levels, cut back on alcohol or avoid it altogether. If you do go out with friends, drink green smoothies instead without any added sugar. This way, you can give yourself optimal nutrition without any of the downsides of alcohol. Even better, you might want to try going on a two-week green smoothie cleanse. Here you drink low-oxalate green smoothies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, helping you reduce your weight while also encouraging your body to repair damaged tissues. 

Improve Your Current Health

Alcohol makes it much more challenging to overcome conditions such as rosacea, depression, and high blood pressure. That’s because it works against the systems in your body attempting to fight these complaints. 

When you stop taking alcohol, you usually find that other conditions afflicting your body get better. All of a sudden, things you thought were with you for life start to disappear. The results can be remarkable in some cases. 

Less Heartburn And Indigestion

Everyone talks about the glamorous side of drinking, but relatively few people consider the less attractive side of it, namely all of the digestive issues that people get. Heartburn is one of the worst. It’s so painful and you constantly have to take antacids to keep it at bay, particularly at night. 

Then there are the gastric problems, including ulcers, that it can cause. And for people with irritable bowel, it can lead to constipation, diarrhoea and horrendous cramping. 

When you replace beer and wine with green smoothies and avocado, all of this goes away.

Improved Relationships

Do you change when you drink alcohol? And not in a good way? If so, then stopping could dramatically improve your relationships with other people. You may become less violent and aggressive and, paradoxically, more fun to be around. 

Save Money

Alcohol doesn’t come cheap, either, thanks to government taxes. Most of the price of a bottle of wine is duties you pay to the authorities. 

Therefore, giving up drinking entirely can have a wonderful effect on your bank balance. Instead of spending money on things that will harm you, you can put your hard-earned savings into those that will help you. For instance, you could eat better food instead of always putting your money into drink that makes your health worse. A rocket salad costs about the same as a cheap bottle of wine but does wonders for your wellbeing. 

Reduce Cholesterol

We typically think of high meat and egg consumption as raising cholesterol, but alcohol can put it up, too. The more you drink, the worse it gets.

That’s because alcohol causes a host of metabolic issues, not just in the liver. Cholesterol levels rise because the body is out of balance with where it should be. 

The best way to bring cholesterol down is to replace animal products with beans, eliminate oils and refined sugars, and eat more whole grains, flax seeds, and green vegetables. Most people who follow this strategy can cut their LDL cholesterol levels (the bad one) significantly and get out of the danger zone without having to resort to drugs. 

Less Fatty Liver

Lastly, eliminating alcohol consumption dramatically reduces the risk of developing fatty liver disease. The liver is much less likely to become engorged with fat globules which disrupt metabolism and put people at risk of early death. When you combine a zero alcohol diet with natural foods, you can often reverse fatty liver conditions entirely, cutting your risk of developing conditions, such as diabetes, significantly. 

So there you have it: why eliminating alcohol consumption is good for your body and life in general. 

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