DIY – Women Are Doing It For Themselves

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Women are no longer relying so much on men to carry out their household DIY jobs.  We can do this for ourselves!

There are an alarming amount of DIY accidents and  220,000 people attend A&E each year because of them.  Some of the top causes are knives, scalpels, saws, grinders, hammers, chisels and screwdrivers.  It’s no wonder I’m not allowed within ten feet of my partner’s chainsaw!My handmade bench

As Spring gradually starts to show signs of blossoming, people are beginning to come out of hibernation.  As the weather warms up, now is an ideal time to undertake those DIY projects that have been niggling away at you during the winter months.

Tired of waiting for their men to ever start the job (they don’t need reminding every six months!), more women than ever are tooling up and cracking on with their own home improvements.  Following the popularity of home makeover shows, women are feeling more and more confident in their abilities to get the job done.  You can kiss goodbye to Bob The Builder.  Brenda The Builder is where it’s at.

DIY is great exercise (cancel the gym membership!), it brings with it a sense of achievement, it’s less expensive than hiring a professional and can be downright satisfying.  Unlike our male counterparts, we tend to finish the jobs that we start.

DIY does not come without risks.  Tools can be really dangerous!  Over 220,000 people end up in hospital each year due to DIY related accidents.

CaptureI very much enjoy a spot of DIY.  A couple of my projects last year included a bench and a climbing frame for my goats made from pallets.  I’ve learnt an alarming amount of DIY related dangers that I had no idea of whilst writing this post.  Who knew plaster might contain asbestos??  Also, the amount of MDF I’ve sawn in the last couple of years is alarming!!!

Follow these simple guidelines and keep yourself safe:

  • ✨ Begin with a clean, organised working area
  • ? Be sure to have a well-stocked first aid kit before you start.  Think back to your Girl Guide days.  Be prepared!
  • ⏲️ Plan your project.  Don’t try to hurry.  Be aware of your limitations and don’t be shy about consulting a
    professional  should you need advice
  • ?? Wear suitable/protective clothing.  Don’t wear loose clothing or jewellery as it can get caught in machinery.  Sometimes gloves, goggles and a dusk mask is required
  • ? When using sharp tools, knives for example, cut away from your body
  • ? Ventilation.  When painting/varnishing, remember to open the windows and doors, wearing a mask is also a good idea.  The fumes are often toxic

When I began my plight into DIY I had a mentor.  I had no idea what I was doing so it was great to have someone to show me the most effective way to use the tools I was using and about the safety aspect of them.  Also, I find I cannot work with my other half without wanting to rip his head off, which is frustrating because he’s an extremely highly qualified builder and extremely knowledgeable, so I have to borrow a friend’s husband.  I wonder what my DIY upcycling projects will be this year.

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  1. says: Rachael O'Brien

    I’ve always done my own diy . When younger I lived with just my mum and I , I picked up everything from wiring a plug to wallpapering x

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