3 Methods All Children Can Use To Feel Happier in Themselves

3 Methods All Children Can Use To Feel Happier in Themselves

Looking after our mental health is incredibly important. But sometimes, we don’t know where to begin. Being happy is something that every parent wants for their children, and it can seem like a challenge to ensure that, whether you are the parent of children that don’t appear to be happy or a child yourself, feeling like you cannot be happy is not about trying to achieve some almighty goal. The reality is that being happy in yourself is about the little things, in combination with the right tools.

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Reframing Your Perspective

We can say we’ve “had a bad day” or that we “can’t” do something, which can make us feel like we are unhappy in ourselves, but we have to remember that this is opinion, not fact. Reframing your perspective through techniques like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can help to put the steps in motion, and stress management organisations like the AKITU Academy provide a combination of methods, including CBT to get you started. Reframing your perspective of yourself is one of the first steps to feeling happier in yourself. 

Measuring Your Self Worth

A lot of people feel they can’t achieve what others have done. The biggest problem many people have in life is that they, very simply, compare themselves to others. If we want to be happy in ourselves, we’ve got to dehypnotise ourselves from false beliefs, thinking that we can be like someone else. It’s important that we look up to people because it helps us to strive to be better versions of ourselves, but we have to incorporate what we love about these people into who we are. Comparing apples to oranges is a very old expression, but it’s a very valid point. When somebody is doing something that you wish you could achieve, rather than thinking that you can’t do it, it’s far better for you to understand what it is that is stopping you from achieving that. Comparison only breeds resentment, which is why we can all be incredibly unhappy. 

Practising Being Happy

The most important tool for people to change their beliefs is about recognising that when we feed our brain something, it will react accordingly based on the information we’re giving it. If you keep telling yourself you’re not happy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you remain unhappy because all you are doing is giving your brain and subconscious the negative loops. There is a book called Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz that addresses this in great detail, and one of the tools that get mentioned is visualisation. If you start to visualise yourself being happier and more confident, and replay these thoughts and feelings, adding detail to them, this is feeding your brain far more positive information. The brain is unable to tell between what is real and what is imagined, only the information that we give it, whether it is through our imagination or through what we see, hear, think, and feel. 

If we want to be happy in ourselves and for our children, it is so important that we transform our perspective with the right tools. It can be a long journey, but any journey begins with the smallest step.

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